The Last of Us: An Unforgettable Love Story

Episode three of HBO's “The Last of Us” could be considered one of the series' most remarkable episodes.[0] Through the course of the episode, we get to know two minor characters from the original video game, Bill (Nick Offerman) and Frank (Murray Bartlett), and their heartbreaking love story. The episode follows the two's relationship over two decades, from the moment they meet to their eventual tragic ending.[1]

For longtime fans of the video game series, the third episode of The Last of Us will be a surprising shock to the system.[2] We open in 2023 with Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) in the woods, on their way to Bill and Frank’s place.[3] Bill, a paranoid survivalist living on his own in the abandoned Massachusetts town of Lincoln, takes pity on Frank and invites him in for dinner.[4] Throughout the episode, we see the two men build a life together, and eventually Bill finds himself opening up and revealing his deepest secrets to Frank.

When Frank plays a Linda Ronstadt song on the piano, Bill stops him and insists on playing it himself.[4] His rendition of the song reveals a deep and unfulfilled longing and Frank creates a moment of intimacy between them with a kiss.[5] Frank then guides Bill through his first homosexual experience in a beautiful and tender way, setting the stage for a deep and meaningful relationship.[5]

The episode also shifts the focus away from Joel and Ellie, instead focusing on the tale of Bill and Frank.[0] It transforms the characters’ story in unexpected, kinder ways and changes what we know about this side character from the PlayStation classic.[2] The episode is full of beautiful moments that show the power of human connection and how love can still be found at the end of the world.

The Last of Us is now streaming on HBO Max and is proving to be one of the few video game adaptations that successfully transition from the interactive medium to film or television.[6] It takes the essence of what made the original tale so enduring and builds out the world of the game while also switching up some aspects to almost entirely stunning effect.[6] Through its exploration of Bill and Frank’s relationship, “The Last of Us” provides an unforgettable love story that will leave fans with a lot of questions.

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