Russia Launches Missile Strikes on Ukraine, Moldova and Romania Summon Russian Ambassador

On Friday, Russia launched yet another wave of missile strikes on energy infrastructure targets in Ukraine, resulting in emergency power outages for millions of people and prompting new calls by Kyiv for Western arms.[0] According to Ukraine's commander-in-chief Valerii Zaluhnyi, two Kalibr cruise missiles entered the airspace of Moldova and NATO member Romania before veering into Ukrainian territory. The air force command of Ukraine reported that they had brought down 61 of the 70 cruise missiles, as well as five Iranian-produced drones.[1] On Thursday night, 35 S-300 rockets were launched, which was part of an earlier wave.[2]

Moldova asserted that their airspace had been breached by a Russian missile and requested the Russian ambassador to come and express their dissent.[3] Romania reported that a Russian missile, fired off a vessel close to Crimea, had gone into Moldovan airspace before striking Ukraine, but had not crossed into Romanian airspace. Ukraine's air force spokesperson Yuri Ignat stated that Kyiv had the chance to shoot down the rockets over Romania and Moldova, but chose not to do so.[4] Ignat stated that the military was cognizant of the potential dangers and perils to the citizens of an overseas nation, thus they did not act immediately.[5]

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy declared that the missiles constituted a challenge to NATO and overall security.[6] He appealed to Ukraine's western allies to expedite the distribution of advanced weaponry, such as long-range missiles and combat aircraft.[5] German Galushchenko, the Energy Minister, stated that thermo and hydro power plants and high-voltage power lines had suffered damages in six districts, resulting in emergency power outages throughout most of the nation.[7]

Meanwhile, Moldovan Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita announced her 18-month-old government would resign, ending a critical period for the country, which sits on Ukraine’s border.[8] Within the past few months, Russia has instigated multiple offensives against Ukrainian energy centers, which has resulted in millions of people being left without electricity, warmth, and running water during the frigid winter season.[9] It is thought by Western governments that Russia is getting ready to launch a massive attack on Ukraine, likely before 24 February – the date of the beginning of its full-scale attack in the past.[9] The purported objective is to seize the Donbas region, including Luhansk, which is only partially under Ukrainian control.[5]

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