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Rep. Jim Himes & Rep. Mike Turner Express Concerns Over Biden Administration’s Handling of US Airspace Shootdowns

In recent days, the U.S. military has shot down three unidentified aerial objects in North American airspace. On Sunday, House Democratic Representative Jim Himes of Connecticut appeared on NBC News's Meet the Press and expressed his concerns about the Biden administration's lack of transparency in the matter. The shootdowns come on the heels of President Biden's order just over a week ago that directed the U.S. military to shoot down a suspected Chinese surveillance balloon that had spent days drifting across the continental U.S.[0]

Congressman Jim Himes ofAdam Schiff, the ranking member of the Intelligence Committee, expressed “real concerns” on Sunday regarding the Biden administration's lack of transparency concerning the unidentified objects that have been taken down in recent days.[1] He said he's not yet been briefed on two unknown objects shot down recently, and he expressed his real concerns about why the administration is not being more forthcoming with everything that it knows.[0]

Ohio Republican Representative Mike Turner also weighed in on the recent events, telling CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union” that he “would prefer [the administration] to be trigger-happy than to be permissive,” but added that the Biden administration must prove that it is not merely trying to change headlines.[2] He added that the shootdowns must be seen as a warning sign to the U.S. that it needs to invest more in defending its airspace, as China has become increasingly aggressive in entering other countries’ airspace for the purpose of espionage.

Overall, the Biden administration faces criticism from both sides of the aisle for its actions in this matter, and questions remain about the nature of the objects that have been shot down and the lack of information being shared by the administration. As this story continues to unfold, many are watching to see how the Biden administration will respond to the situation.

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