Preserving Tradition Amidst War: Ukraine’s Culinary Resilience

In the face of the Russian invasion, Ukrainians are bravely protecting their culture and identity through their traditional cuisine. Although their country has been drastically altered by this invasion, the desire to keep their culinary traditions alive remains strong.[0] Restaurants in many Ukrainian cities are still open, despite missiles being fired overhead, and chefs and customers alike are coming to the table to celebrate another day of life.[1] This resilience is also evident in Yoy, a restaurant in the UAE which serves traditional Ukrainian dishes.[2] Not only is it a place to enjoy a taste of home, it has also become a cultural space for Ukrainians living abroad, providing them with community, company and events.[2] Yoy has even become a popular spot for Russians, showing that even in the midst of war, food can bring people together. Ukrainians’ fight to protect their culture and identity through their cuisine is a testament to their courage and strength, and is something that will remain in their hearts and on their tables for many years to come.

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