Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Unveils Top 30 Priorities for 2023 Texas Legislative Session

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has unveiled his top 30 priorities for the upcoming 2023 Legislative Session in Texas.[0] These bills are assigned a low bill number, signaling the high priority of the legislation.[1] Patrick believes that these bills largely reflect the policies supported by the conservative majority of Texans, and they will pass with bipartisan support.

The list includes Senate Bill 1, the State Budget, and Senate Bill 30, the Supplemental Budget.[2] Senate Bill 9 is the Empowering Teacher Rights Act, which includes a teacher pay raise, while Senate Bill 20 and 21 are meant to remove district attorneys and judges who refuse to follow Texas law.[3]

Senate Bill 2, Restoring Voter Fraud to a Felony, is also on the list, as well as SB3, which increases the homestead exemption to $70,000, and SB4, which adds additional property tax relief.[2] SB5 increases the business personal property tax exemption, and SB8 is the Empowering Parental Rights Act, which includes school choice.[3]

Senate Bill 10 adds 13th checks for retired teachers, and SB18 eliminates tenure at general academic institutions.[3] Finally, SB26 expands mental health care beds across Texas with a focus on rural counties.[3]

In addition to the bills, Patrick also noted that some policy initiatives are already addressed in the budget as opposed to specific bills.[4] [5] Since President Biden took office and implemented his open border policies, Texas has stepped into the breach and must use its funds to maintain law enforcement and National Guard presence.

Patrick believes that these bills will have the support of Texas, as they reflect the policies of the conservative majority. Most of the bills will pass with bipartisan support, and those with a low bill number have a “great chance of passing” according to Patrick.

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