Lawsuit Alleges Laundries of Inflicting Emotional Distress in Gabby Petito Disappearance

The parents of Gabby Petito have filed a lawsuit against the Laundries alleging emotional distress following the mysterious disappearance of their daughter. During a court hearing on Tuesday, the attorney representing the Petito family revealed that Roberta Laundrie, Brian Laundrie's mother, wrote an undated letter to her son that included references to getting a shovel and burying a body.[0]

The letter, marked ‘burn after reading', was reportedly released to the custody of Mr. Bertolino by the FBI on June 24, 2022.[0] The defense attorney for Laundrie's parents argued the letter is irrelevant to the lawsuit and they shouldn't have to produce it, but also confirmed that the letter exists and that another family attorney has it in their possession.

The lawsuit alleges outrageous behavior of intentional infliction of emotional distress by Roberta and Christopher Laundrie during the time Gabby was missing. According to the report, the couple ignored the Petito family's calls and texts as they desperately searched for their daughter.[1]

In court, the defense attorney claimed the letter is in possession of another family attorney for the Laundries and argued that the letter was created before Brian and Gabby's trip and does not have any relation to the “unfortunate events that unfolded thereafter.”

However, the Petito's lawyer contended that the language in the letter is “damning” and could suggest some connection. Reilly asserted that he has faced threats of a defamation lawsuit from defense attorneys since advocating for the letter to be examined in court.[0]

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