Incredible Drone Footage of WW2 Bomb Explosion in Great Yarmouth, No Casualties

On Friday, a World War II bomb exploded in the English town of Great Yarmouth as workers attempted to defuse it, according to police.[0] But fortunately, no one was hurt.[1] The device was about one meter (3.2 ft) long and weighed about 250kg, and was discovered by a contractor working on the third crossing over the River Yare.[2]

Safety protocols necessitated the construction of a sand barrier around the bomb by specialists before any attempt to detonate it.[3] Work to cut into the device began on Thursday, however, the water needed to complete the task hindered the sand barrier from being fully effective.[3]

A 400-meter perimeter was established at the location.[4] If you need help evacuating from the exclusion zone, please contact the emergency helpline at 01493 330369.[5] The police cautioned against using the number for general inquiries.[3]

Police have released incredible drone footage showing the moment the bomb detonated, sending thick plumes of smoke into the air.[6] “All army and emergency service personnel are accounted for. We will bring you further info when we have it,” the Norfolk Police tweeted.

It is estimated that thousands of unexploded bombs from World War II still remain undetected around the globe.[7] In December last year, a BBC report said that Wales in southwest Great Britain may potentially have thousands of unexploded World War II bombs because there were 743 air raids over the country, each containing between five and 30,000 devices.[8]

On Tuesday (7 February 2023), a bomb was discovered during dredging operations at the location of the Third River Crossing Project near Southtown Road.[9] Hundreds of people had to be evacuated from homes and properties in Great Yarmouth after the military device was unearthed.[10] Reports on social media indicated that a loud noise was heard and buildings were shaking 15 miles (24km) away.[11]

The force had warned there was a risk of an unintended detonation, and this was realised when the bomb exploded, though luckily no one was hurt.[12] The Local Resilience Forum have confirmed they've stood the major incident response down, and both 400m & 200m cordons have lifted with most roads reopened in those locations.[13] Southtown Road is still closed while evaluations of the damage are being conducted.[13]

The Norfolk police have released footage of the explosion via their drone and said, “All army and emergency service personnel have been accounted for, and damage is currently being assessed.

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