In Uncertain Times, Here’s Why You Need an Emergency Food Storage Kit

In uncertain times, having an emergency food storage kit is more important than ever. An emergency food storage kit provides enough food ingredients to last for a designated time and includes hard-to-find items like dry staples or canned food items in bulk.[0] These items can last up to 30 years and are stored in airtight, sealed pouches, and then repackaged inside plastic buckets for added external protection.[0]

When shopping for an emergency food storage kit, there are several things to consider.[0] Nutrition and quality are important, as well as price and convenience.[1] For those who want a healthy emergency meal, the best option is one that contains a good balance of carbs, fats, and proteins, as well as freeze-dried fruits and vegetables.[2] Additionally, look out for high sodium levels, as some kits are loaded with sodium as a preservative.[3]

There are several companies that specialize in emergency foods, such as ReadyWise, Valley Food Storage, My Patriot Supply, Augason Farms, and Mountain House.[2] ReadyWise is a great option for those who want an easy to prepare meal, while Valley Food Storage is the best overall. Augason Farms is the best for those who want to build their own emergency food supply, and Mountain House is best for backpackers.[4]

When it comes to emergency supplies, there are plenty of survival products available, such as breakfast kits, ultimate breakfast kits, fruit and vegetable buckets, snack mix buckets, and breakfast buckets.[4] Look for companies that offer stackable buckets for better storage capacity and products made in the USA.[0]

Finally, look for companies that offer military discounts, free shipping, and upcycling programs.[4] For example, Backpacker’s Pantry has a recycling initiative that allows you to recycle their flexible packaging for free.[5]

Overall, having the right emergency food storage kit is essential for any disaster. With the right research, you can find the perfect kit for you and your family.

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