Deepening Russian-Chinese Cooperation: Putin and Wang Hail Strategic Partnership

Chinese President Xi Jinping is preparing to visit Moscow for a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the coming months, according to the Wall Street Journal. Preparations for the trip are at an early stage, and the timing has not been finalized.[0] During the meeting in Moscow on Wednesday, Putin and Wang Yi, China's top diplomat, hailed their countries' cooperation and pledged to strengthen their coordination.[1]

From a development perspective, China and Russia have held diplomatic consultations, enhanced political mutual trust, conducted cultural exchanges, and carried out joint military drills since the establishment of their strategic partnership of coordination in 1996 and the signing of the Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation in 2001. As a result, China-Russia relations have become a model of harmonious and fruitful interaction between major countries.

The two countries have become increasingly stable, and their cooperation has deepened because their economies are complementary, they share common core interests, pursue similar goals of national rejuvenation, have a similar understanding of the global situation, and want a peaceful and stable international environment.[2] Wang said that China is willing to work with Russia to deepen mutual political trust, strengthen strategic coordination, expand cooperation, and safeguard each other's interests.

The meeting in Moscow comes just days before the anniversary of the Ukraine invasion and amid reports of Xi’s visit. The US has expressed concern that China might be considering supplying weapons to Russia.[3] This highlights the “no limits” partnership between the two countries and the need for the West to contain both Russia and China.[4] Putin and Wang both stressed the importance of deepening Russian-Chinese cooperation and interaction in the international arena.

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