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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Edmonton

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Edmonton

Food is essential for man’s survival. Since most foods need to be processed, we need a place for their preparation. Be it for consumption in the home or commercial purposes, the importance of a kitchen cannot be overemphasized.

With the continued rise of commercial kitchens in Edmonton, this is the perfect time to delve into the foodservice industry. Edmonton is a great place to set up your foodservice industry as it's an urban center with bustling city life. However, it is important to get acquainted with the requirements for this line of business.

When setting up a business, it is essential to get the right equipment for it. At MCK, we have a team of experienced and skilled staff who are ready to help with decision-making as to which kitchen equipment best suits your commercial purpose.

We offer pick-up and delivery services for all commercial kitchen equipment. We deliver beverage equipment, meat processors, food preparation equipment, refrigeration equipment, and small wares.

  • Beverage Equipment

Beverage equipment is much more than coffee makers, it involves a wide variety of equipment necessary for making, serving, and transporting drinks for commercial purposes. We have a variety of drink dispensers like milk dispensers, hot chocolate dispensers, tea dispensers, iced coffee machines, coffee servers and dispensers, hotel room coffee makers. At MCK, we make it our business to supply the best beverage equipment to you.

  • Meat Processor

We supply a wide range of meat processing equipment for commercial purposes. Our meat processors are modern and contemporary. Ranging from bone crushers, vacuum meat tumblers, frozen meat slicers, meat smoking machines to meat grillers. In Edmonton, we are at the top of the list in the sales and supply of commercial meat processors.

  • Food Preparation Equipment

Cooking meals make them tasty and appealing. There is nothing compared to a tasty and nutritious meal. To achieve this, it is important to prepare our food, even when the process is tasking. Therefore, it is important to get equipment that would help reduce stress and save time. 

At MCK, we supply a wide range of food preparation equipment for commercial kitchens in Edmonton. Be it restaurants, cafes, or canteens. Food preparation equipment saves time, reduces stress, and increases efficiency. Some of our commercial food equipment include slicers, mixers, blenders, food packaging machines, and timers.

  • Refrigeration Equipment

The idea of preserving food is as old as man. However, it is important to note that mechanical refrigeration systems have developed over the years. At MCK, we understand that and we have evolved in our supply. We have a wide range of modern refrigeration equipment for commercial purposes and kitchens. Be it for restaurants, meat markets, cold rooms, ice cream shops, or bars. Our series of commercial refrigeration equipment includes industrial freezers, household refrigerators, and air conditioners. 

  • Small Wares

When stocking up a kitchen either for personal or commercial purposes, it is important to bear in mind not to leave out the small details. At MCK, we understand this is a possibility. However, we have compiled a list of small wares that are essential but can be easily forgotten. We have in stock these small wares for both commercial and residential Kitchens.

We supply chopping boards, mixing bowls, knives, can openers, cooking pots, saucepans, measuring cups and spoons, colanders, mixing bowls, whisks, graters, juicers, knife sharpeners, baking pans, cooking spoons, and a host of other small wares.

When setting up your commercial kitchen, bear in mind that we have Edmonton's best and most affordable commercial kitchen equipment. We sell at pocket-friendly prices. We have skilled, diligent, and trusted members of staff who are committed to giving you the best service.

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Edmonton

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Edmonton

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