The Best Survival Straw for Your Bug-Out-Bag

Having the right gear can be life-saving in a survival situation. A lightweight, reliable water purifier is a must. Survival straws are so small they can fit on a keychain. Thus, they are becoming very popular.

These devices filter out particles and bacteria. This purifies contaminated water sources, letting you stay hydrated without getting sick. There are many types of portable straw water filters.

To help you choose, we made a list of the best ones available in 2021. So, you can make an informed decision:

Types of Survival Straws

Survival straws are a must-have for any outdoorsy person or prepper. They are light and easy to take along, and they can be a lifesaver in an emergency. There are different kinds of survival straws, each suited to a different situation.

In this guide, we'll look at the different types of straws and figure out which one is best for you:

Gravity-fed Straws

Gravity-fed straws, also known as “gravity straws” or “microfilters,” use gravity to pull contaminated water through a filter system. They've been used for decades in remote areas by aid workers. The main benefit is no need for power sources. Other advantages are:

  • Longer filtration life;
  • Easy to use;
  • Easy to store;
  • Cost effective;
  • Portable;
  • Compact and lightweight.

Drawbacks include slower filtration rate than other systems, plus extra prep if water needs to be transferred from higher elevation.

Pump-action Straws

Pump-action straws are a popular choice for survival. They're made from coiled PVC pipe. A hand pump pushes air through the pipe, creating gulps of filtered water. These pumps are best for short-term needs and refilling from shallow bodies of water. Prices range from $50 – $250. Look for models with filters that work up to 1 micron. Replaceable filters are a good idea, since they get clogged or saturated over time.

Squeeze Straws

Squeeze straws are super easy! They have a filter built in. So, you just squeeze the liquid through the device from either end. You can get water from almost any source. Attach one end of the straw to the source. Squeeze the other end. You'll see water come out of the filter. The straw also removes bacteria and other bad stuff. So, you get clean drinking water.

A filter comes with the straw. When it needs replacing, look for replacement cartridges with silver ions. They make the water taste better and remove more impurities.

Features to Consider

Shopping for a survival straw? There's lots to think of. To make the right choice, we must understand the features, benefits, and drawbacks of each product. Here, we'll review the features, performance, and prices of survival straws available on the market. That way, you can make an educated decision.


When selecting the best survival straw, durability matters. Ensure your straw is composed of a substance which won't break, decay, or be affected by harsh weather. Stainless steel is a perfect choice as it's durable and rust-proof. Opt for BPA-free plastic materials like Tritan too. They are food grade secure and non-toxic.

Make sure the straw has leak-proof valves and seals too, so you can survive any water source.

Ease of Use

When hunting for the top survival straw, consider how you'll use it. Plenty of filters and designs are available. But focus on ease of use and practicality for an emergency. Depending on your environment, ease of use may vary.

Take these into account:

  • How quickly can you start drinking?
  • How simple is it to filter water from a bottle or stream?
  • How easy is cleaning and maintenance?
  • Is it compatible with regular water bottle sizes?
  • Does it include accessories like filtering bags and hoses?
  • Are spare parts available if something breaks?

Remember that designs of many survival straws have improved. Newer products have one-touch activation, ergonomic hand grips and longer-lasting filters. This makes them easier to use than older models when you need clean drinking water.


A survival straw must be portable. It should be light and small, so you can carry it in a backpack or pocket. Look for models with lanyards so you can hang it around your neck. Make sure the model collapses easily and has a cover to protect it from dust and debris when not in use.

Filter Quality

When shopping for a Survival Straw, filter quality is key. The type of filter and its quality determine what elements are filtered. Choose a straw with a fine filtration level.

  • Consider the size of the micron filter. Smaller particles are dangerous, so aim for 0.1 to 0.2 microns.
  • Filter materials like carbon, membrane, ceramic, and iodine also vary in filtration level.
  • Look at duration. Low-cost models may last 30-300 gallons, while expensive options can last 500+ gallons. Some filters can be cleaned multiple times.

Best Survival Straws

Survival straws are the way to go when you need safe drinking water in the wild! Lightweight and portable, they filter out bacteria and parasites. Plus, they help you save on water for long trips.

Let's check out the various types of survival straws out there and determine which one fits you best:

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter is perfect for any traveler or outdoor enthusiast. It's a straw-style filter that removes bacteria, parasites, and microplastics from water sources. It's lightweight and portable, weighing only 2 ounces. Plus, it comes with a lanyard for easy transport.

This filter is built to last. One filter will provide 2000 liters of clean drinking water, the equivalent of one year per person. It can be used as a sipping device or to fill up containers. The LifeStraw is EPA compliant, FDA approved, and BPA Free so you know it's safe.

The LifeStraw is a must-have for anyone who wants reliable access to clean drinking water while on the go!

GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier

The GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier is the perfect survival filter for any emergency. It eliminates 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and protozoa from contaminated freshwater sources. It's lightweight, portable and easy to use – the ideal tool for outdoor adventurers in need.

This purifier has two-stage filtration: an electroadsorptive filter captures particles and bacteria. An activated carbon fiber filter eliminates chemicals, odors and bad tastes. Together, they get rid of heavy metals (eg. lead), pathogens, pollutants like Giardia lamblia, macroparticles (eg. sand), pesticides, and more. With this straw, you can trust your water is clean.

For each use, the GRAYL purifier can provide up to 25 gallons or 2500 liters of clean water – enough for several people in an emergency. Besides drinking, you can use it to filter out campfire smoke in shelters. It uses quality construction materials – ABS plastic and nanofiber membrane certified by the US EPA. Plus, its charcoal-lined filter pouch adds extra protection against chemical contaminants. You can count on its durability during wilderness excursions!

Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System

The Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System is a great personal water filter. It has a pore size of 0.1 microns, making it one of the best straw-style filters. It removes 99.99999% of bacteria like salmonella, cholera and E. coli. Plus, 99.9999% of protozoa like giardia and cryptosporidium. And other contaminants like lead and chromium.

It uses hollow fiber membrane technology. The filtration happens in tiny tubes with microscopic pores. The gross filtration rating is 100,000 gallons per lifetime. There's no shelf life or expiration date!

It comes with a 32 oz reusable squeeze pouch. You can use it on its own or connect it to a hydration bladder. So you never have to worry about access to safe drinking water!

Katadyn BeFree Water Filtration System

The Katadyn BeFree Water Filtration System is perfect for adventurers and globetrotters. It's lightweight, efficient and designed for fast, simple and safe water filtration. This system uses a 0.1 micron filter to remove up to 99.9 percent of harmful bacteria and particles from water. It's great for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hiking and more.

The BeFree only needs 20 seconds to fill a liter of water. The filter can also be cleaned with a push-pull motion. To use it, fill the soft flask with water, attach the filter at the mouthpiece and draw clean drinking water directly or into other containers. The straw has an integrated microfilter which allows for fast refilling without multiple containers in your pack. Plus, it can last up to 1,000 liters depending on usage and water conditions! With its high performance, small size and easy maintenance process, this system is one of the best survival straws on the market.


To wrap it up, there are lots of survival straws to choose from. All of them are great at filtering water and make it easy for you to drink. It all depends on which one is lightest, most practical, and has the most filtration.

Whichever one you pick, you'll have a handy and dependable way to stay hydrated outside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best survival straw?

A: The best survival straw is the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter, which is designed to filter out 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and protozoan parasites. It is also lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry in an emergency situation.

Q: How does the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter work?

A: The LifeStraw uses a two-stage filtration system to remove contaminants from water. The first stage is a mechanical filter made of hollow fibers that remove particulate matter from the water. The second stage is a carbon filter that reduces chemicals, tastes, and odors from the water.

Q: How long does the LifeStraw filter last?

A: The LifeStraw filter can filter up to 1000 liters of water before it needs to be replaced. It is also designed to be easy to clean and maintain, so it can last even longer.