Which Emergency Food Supply is Best – Wise Food or My Patriot Supply?

Overview of Wise Food and My Patriot Supply

Wise Food and My Patriot Supply are two well-known emergency food suppliers dedicated to providing reliable long-term food storage solutions. Both companies offer a range of durable, non-perishable food items that are perfect for preparing for emergency situations.

In this article, we will be providing an overview of Wise Food and My Patriot Supply to help you decide which company is the best fit for your emergency food storage needs.

Wise Food Overview

Wise Food is one of the largest providers of long-term preparedness and emergency food storage in the United States. As a family-owned business, Wise Food has been providing customers with quality food storage products that are both nutritious and delicious for over 25 years. By focusing on quality sourcing and packaging, they ensure the best possible product for their customers.

Wise Food offers a variety of options when it comes to emergency preparedness, from Short Term Emergency Kits to Long Term Bulk Kits that can last up 15 years or more in optimal storage conditions. Each kit contains carefully selected fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, proteins, dairy products, and other essential pantry items to provide complete nutrition while balancing taste – all without any preservatives or added MSG. Depending on your needs you can select between luon., freeze dried or dehydrated options as well as an array of meal kits perfect for whatever situation may arise. All Wise Foods come in Mylar airtight pouches which keep food fresh up to 25 years unopened!

My Patriot Supply supplies short term kits and bulk products for families and businesses looking to stay prepared in any situation. The company offers a wide selection of food from dehydrated meals to double serving entrees along with survival-oriented tools such as fire starters and a 26 piece cookware set designed specifically for camping, fishing or backpacking. In addition to providing long term product solutions My Patriot Supply also provides helpful resources such as meal planners and nutritional facts ensuring customers are well informed about every product before given purchase consideration. They also offer free shipping on orders within the contiguous United States which is especially helpful during situations requiring extra preparedness know-how!

My Patriot Supply Overview

My Patriot Supply is a self-sustained food storage and disaster preparedness company based out of Edmond, Oklahoma. Since its founding in 2008, the company has been working to provide top quality, long-term food storage solutions for those who wish to be prepared for any situation.

My Patriot Supply specializes in freeze dried and dehydrated food storage buckets, with specialty items such as grain mills and water filtration systems. They offer pre-packaged gourmet meals as well as individually sellable foods like fruit and vegetable mixes. All products are gluten free and are designed to last up to 25 years when stored correctly. The company also offers emergency supplies such as fire starters, medical kits, flashlights and radios.

Originally started by a family owned business with years of experience in the industry – My Patriot Supply is dedicated to providing independent families the means to protect themselves through their “Patriot Pledge,” which declares their commitment to superior customer service, earth friendly products and a mission of independence in times of need or crisis. With the value that comes with their products – customers rest assured knowing they have made an investment that will give them peace of mind for decades down the road!

Comparison of Wise Food and My Patriot Supply

Whether you’re a camper, prepper, or just someone looking for emergency food, you may have heard of Wise Food and My Patriot Supply. Both of these companies have been popular among food-conscious customers for years. But what’s the difference between the two? This article looks at the similarities and differences between Wise Food and My Patriot Supply in various categories, including cost, shelf life, taste, and more.

Price Comparison

When comparing the price of My Patriot Supply and Wise Food, there are a few things to consider. My Patriot Supply offers an extensive selection of emergency food kits designed to last anywhere from 18 days to 25 years. Prices range from $70 for one-week kits up to $4000 for lifetime supplies. Wise Food, on the other hand, specializes in long-term storage solutions for emergency and everyday use. Their prices start at about $90 for a five-gallon bucket up to around $3000 for a 2500-serving supply in buckets or cans.

My Patriot Supply is known for its low prices but also offers high quality products that can provide nourishment during an emergency situation. Their 25-year supply includes 77 buckets of food stored in three separate containers that can feed an entire family of four people 84 servings per day for at least 25 years with a shelf life guarantee of up to 30 years when stored properly.

Wise Food claims it is the “most delicious” emergency preparedness food on the market due to their freeze dried recipes and advanced drying technology preserving over 100 flavors while keeping most of the nutrients intact. Although they may be more expensive than some competitors, they offer some of the longest shelf lives with grab & go emergency food ranging from 18 months to 20 years depending on product type and storage conditions. They also offer:

  • Customized packaging options
  • “Entrees only” packages if customers don’t need wholesale portions like those offered by My Patriot Supply or want additional flavors or creative menu options different than those offered in staple meals such as soups, grains, vegetables etc.

Taste Comparison

In terms of flavor, both My Patriot Supply and Wise Food offer a range of products that one can choose from according to their taste and preferences.

My Patriot Supply’s meals have a light flavor profile with most of them having a slightly salty and savory taste. Meals like southwest style chicken, creamy potato soup, beef & vegetable stew is common in their product list. Their freeze-dried fruits also tend to carry pleasant flavors often similar to raisins such as apples and peaches.

Wise Food on the other hand yield slightly more pronounced flavors due to their inclusion of ingredients like onion powder in some recipes. Favorites include cheesy lasagna, savory stroganoff, hearty tortilla soup etc. As for freeze-dried fruits they seem to be sweeter than those offered by My Patriot Supply with items such as pineapple being popular among buyers.

Variety Comparison

When comparing Wise Food Storage and My Patriot Supply, two emergency preparedness food supplies, one of the most valuable aspects to evaluate is the variety of foods available in each product line. Both suppliers offer a wide selection of pouches and buckets with food items that rely on short-term storage solutions. However, Wise Food Storage has a significantly larger selection than My Patriot Supply, as well as a nutritional advantage due to its freeze-dried oven-ready meals.

In terms of meal products, My Patriot Supply offers only basic entrees such as macaroni and cheese or rice & beans. In comparison, Wise Food Storage provides various entrees ranging from vegetable lasagna to cheddar broccoli rice to mac & cheese casserole that require no refrigeration or cooking prior to serving – making it ideal for an emergency situation. Furthermore, Wise Food Storage also sells breakfasts and side dishes such as cranberry granola crunch cereal and mashed potatoes. In contrast, My Patriot Supply offers no breakfast choices nor additional sides with its meals.

In terms of longevity and value for their customers' money, both suppliers provide excellent products designed to last up to 25 years if stored properly in optimal temperature conditions. The key difference is Wise Foods focus on a variety of options that cover all the meals customers expect to have during their time of need while My Patriot Supply offers fewer options but with many customizations including single serve quantity packs or packs designed specifically for family size servings.

Quality Comparison

When comparing Wise Food and My Patriot Supply, it is important to consider both the quality and variety of each company's products. Both Wise Food and My Patriot Supply are popular manufacturers of food storage that provide helpful ingredients that help you prep for whatever disaster may come.

Both companies have an impressive array of food items. However, when it comes to quality, My Patriot Supply stands out compared to Wise Food. My Patriot Supply sources their ingredients from a large network of American farmers and produces their own premixed freeze-dried meals in-house using fresh produce, meat, and dairy that is mostly organic. On the other hand, while Wise Food offers a large variety of freeze-dried meals as well, many of their products contain preservatives or are heavily processed or made with non-organic ingredients sourced from offshore suppliers.

When making your decision between My Patriot Supply and Wise Food food storage solutions, it is important to consider both the types as well as the quality of ingredients offered by each provider. Considering both aspects can help you make an informed decision about which type of emergency food supplies best meets your needs.

Pros and Cons

Wise food and My Patriot supply are two leading companies in the emergency food storage industry. Wise food offers a variety of options with great value; while My Patriot supply offers a wide selection of competitively priced items with an easy online ordering system. Both companies have advantages and disadvantages, so let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of each one:

  • Wise food – Pros: Variety of options with great value. Cons:
  • My Patriot supply – Pros: Wide selection of competitively priced items with an easy online ordering system. Cons:

Wise Food Pros and Cons

Wise Food is a company that provides long-term food storage and emergency items to help you and your family stay prepared. Their products range from delicious meals that can be stored for up to 25 years to individual medical kits, sleeping bags, and more. Even though Wise Food has many excellent benefits, it’s important to also consider some potential drawbacks before making a purchase. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of Wise Food.


  • High Quality: All of Wise Foods' products are made with high quality ingredients and materials that are designed for long-term storage.
  • Variety: They offer a wide variety of options ranging from freeze-dried meals to water filters.
  • Affordable: Their prices are very competitive compared to other emergency supplies companies.


  • Limited flavors: While they offer a lot of options in terms of quantity, there’s not a wide variety of flavors available.
  • Only available online: Due to the nature of their business model, all purchases must be done online which can make it difficult for customers who are unable or unwilling to use the internet for purchasing goods.

My Patriot Supply Pros and Cons

My Patriot Supply is a provider of premium food storage and emergency preparedness products. They offer a variety of different product lines, from survival food to home security products. While they may offer an array of useful items, it’s important to consider both the pros and cons when deciding whether or not to purchase these products.

  • Pros:
    • Wide selection – My Patriot Supply offers various product lines, so customers can find exactly what they need for their situation.
    • Variety of options – Customers have the option to select from freeze-dried foods, canned goods, and camping supplies. Additionally, the website features household items such as lighting options, cookware sets and more.
    • Great customer support – My Patriot Supply focuses on providing excellent customer service by offering helpful information on their website as well as personalized emails after every purchase is made.
    • Quality products – All products are manufactured with validated quality metrics in mind and are backed by a satisfaction guarantee policy.
  • Cons:
    • Limited flavors/variety – For some consumers who prefer particular flavors or dietary preferences the limited assortment offered by My Patriot Supply may be an issue.
    • Pricey items – Although prices may be competitive in some instances depending upon store location or discounts given at the time of purchase they might seem pricey when compared to other stores offering similar products.
    • Shipping times can vary – Depending on location delivery times could extend beyond three days thus delaying any sort of emergency response needs that customers may have.


    In conclusion, both Wise Food Supply and My Patriot Supply have their advantages and disadvantages. The main difference between the two is the type of food they offer. Wise Food Supply offers a larger selection of meals, while My Patriot Supply offers a more specialized selection of food specifically tailored towards survival and emergency situations.

    Furthermore, they both offer varying levels of pricing and quality, so ultimately it will come down to personal preference when choosing the right option for you.

    Summary of Wise Food and My Patriot Supply

    Wise Food and My Patriot Supply are trusted American companies with excellent reputations for providing high-quality emergency food storage solutions. While both companies offer a wide range of products to suit any budget, Wise Food has a greater variety of food items and meals specifically designed for families, whereas My Patriot Supply specializes in fewer, but larger buckets of long-term storage food meant to sustain individuals or groups for potentially months at a time.

    Furthermore, when comparing their costs per serving, Wise Food does come out slightly cheaper than My Patriot Supply; however, the type of customer looking for a long-term solution that is easy to transport will find great value with My Patriot Supply's larger five and ten-year buckets that contain many servings at once.

    Ultimately, whether you choose Wise Food or My Patriot Supply depends on your budget and individual needs – both provide quality products and excellent customer service.