Virginia Elementary School Warned 3 Times of 6-Year-Old With Gun Before Shooting Incident

Administrators at a Virginia elementary school were warned three times that a 6-year-old student had a gun or was threatening people before he allegedly shot his teacher, a lawyer said Wednesday.

Teacher Abigail Zwerner was shot by the student at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, Virginia on January 6.[0] The unnamed boy shot Zwerner in the chest after an “altercation” in her first-grade classroom.

Toscano, the lawyer for Zwerner, declared that she had informed the Newport News School Board that a lawsuit would be lodged on behalf of her client.[1]

Toscano said that over the course of a few hours, three different times, school administration was warned by concerned teachers and employees that the boy had a gun on him at school and was threatening people.

Around 12:30 p.m., a teacher reported she had searched the young boy's backpack believing he may have a gun. She was unable to locate it, however, she did inform an official that the boy may have stowed the gun away in his pocket before stepping outside for recess.[2] The official is said to have answered: “Well, he has little pockets.”[3]

Prior to the shooting, Superintendent Parker reported that a school administrator had been informed that the student might have had a gun at school. The boy's backpack was searched by the school's employees, yet the 9mm semi-automatic pistol legally owned by his mother was not found.

Upon learning of the danger, the fourth employee inquired of an administrator as to whether he could search the boy; however, the request was denied.[3] The administrators instructed the employee to wait as the school day was nearing its end.[3]

Toscano said after this third report the administration still failed to call police, lock down the school, evacuate the building or confront the student.[4]

The board voted five to one in favor of a separation agreement and severance package for Parker.[5] By a vote of 5-1, Dr. Michele Mitchell – presently the executive director of student advancement – was appointed as the interim superintendent.[1] Dr. Mitchell has been a teacher, assistant principal, middle school principal, director of special education, and interim chief academic officer.[5] She has been with NNPS for almost 28 years.[5]

Richneck Elementary has been closed since the shooting, but students and parents have been invited back to the school Wednesday for a two-hour non-instructional activity period, according to a letter from a school administrator.[6]

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