US Shoots Down Chinese Surveillance Balloon, FBI Analyzing Debris

The Pentagon has identified a fleet of Chinese surveillance balloons that have been active in most regions of the Earth in recent years, including Southeast Asia, South and Central America, and Europe.[0] This balloon purportedly contained sensitive equipment that could be used to listen to Americans’ communications and pinpoint the location of those talking on the ground.[0] In response to this recent incident, the US is now eyeing sanctions for the presence of the balloon in US airspace and exploring the possibility of taking action against associated Chinese entities.[1]

The Biden administration has argued that the US didn’t move earlier to shoot down the balloon in part over fears it could provoke an escalation of military tensions with China or even a military conflict.[1] After it was shot down by a US fighter jet off the coast of the Carolinas, the military is working to recover debris.[2]

China has countered US allegations of surveillance activities with accusations of its own, claiming that the US was using warships and planes to gather intelligence on China 657 times since the start of last year.[3] A Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said that it is “common for US balloons to illegally enter other countries' airspace” and that the US is “without a doubt the world’s largest surveillance habitual offender and surveillance empire.”[3]

The US has shot down at least four flying objects over North America in the last few days, including the first spy balloon and an unidentified object about the size of a small car that was flying over northern Alaska.[4] Officials have disclosed new information about the capabilities of the suspected Chinese surveillance balloon and what they are learning as the FBI begins analyzing the recovered parts.[1]

Signals intelligence is data which is collected through electronic mediums, such as communications and radar.[1] FBI analysts have received only evidence found on the surface of the ocean, an official stated. This comprises of the “canopy itself, the wiring, and then a very small amount of electronics.”[1] The US has assessed that little new intelligence was gleaned by the Chinese balloon operation because the Chinese appeared to stop transmitting information once the US learned of the balloon, in addition to US measures to protect sensitive intelligence from China’s spying operations.[1]

In the age of satellites, surveillance balloons offer close-range monitoring and are equipped with high-tech, downward-pointing imaging gear.[5]

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