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Trump Super PAC Files Ethics Complaint Against Gov. DeSantis Over Alleged Shadow Presidential Campaign

Former President Donald Trump’s team has filed an ethics complaint against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis claiming he’s reaping “personal financial gain” at the expense of the state’s taxpayers.[0] The complaint alleges that DeSantis is running a “shadow presidential campaign” in violation of state election laws.[1]

DeSantis has been remaining silent regarding a possible bid for the presidency while the legislative session is in progress; it is speculated that he will make a formal declaration concerning the 2024 election during the summer.[2] DeSantis is predicted to travel to the states of Iowa and Nevada, which offer early voting, during the weekend.[3]

On Wednesday, a super PAC associated with Donald Trump filed an ethics complaint against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with the state government, alleging that he was running a “shadow campaign” for the Republican presidential nomination without formally registering for the race.

Make America Great Again Inc., a Trump-aligned super PAC, filed a complaint with the Florida ethics commission on Wednesday, claiming that the combined force of pro-DeSantis super PACs, state-level political contributions, and the governor’s “personal financial gain lucrative book tour” amounts to a de facto White House bid.[4]

The grievance is based on the resign-to-run law of Florida, which necessitates public officials who are aspiring for another office to quit their present post if the duration of the two offices coincide.[1] The filing indicates that DeSantis has been actively engaging in actions to demonstrate that he has “abused his office and abdicated his official duties in favor of pursuing his national political interests.”[5]

An ethics complaint has been lodged against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis by the team of former President Donald Trump, alleging that he is profiting “personal financial gain” off of taxpayers in the state. The complaint, filed by Make America Great Again Inc., a pro-Trump super PAC, alleges that DeSantis is running a “shadow presidential campaign” in violation of state election laws and Florida's “resign to run” law.

The complaint also accuses DeSantis of soliciting and receiving “millions of dollars worth of illegal gifts in violation of Florida State ethics laws and the Florida Constitution.[6]

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