The Pandemic is Not Truly Over: The Inequality of Unjabbed People

Despite President Joe Biden's announcement of an end to the pandemic-related state of emergency on May 11, many businesses, cultural institutions, schools, and other organizations are still clinging to COVID-era restrictions.[0] Vaccines may have been widely accepted as an essential tool in fighting the pandemic, but some organizations are still imposing strict mandates, creating inequality for those who are unjabbed.[1]

It is thought that the pandemic is over, but epidemiologists caution that it may be too soon to declare the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.[2] Scientists and public health experts agree that the pandemic will not be truly over until most people in the U.S. have accepted the risks and consequences of exposure to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.[2]

The consequences of the pandemic continue to be felt, particularly in New York City, where the Department of Education only recently ended its vaccine mandate for city workers, but has no plans to rehire those fired.[3] Private schools, colleges and universities, and cultural institutions remain largely closed, with some continuing to require masks and vaccinations for entry.

The elderly are among those most affected, with masks still required in nursing homes, depriving them of the comfort of smiles in their golden years.[1] To truly emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, public policy and awareness must be based on an agnostic evaluation of the evidence and science.[2] Until then, we must continue to be vigilant and prepared.[4]

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