Texas Governor Warns of Illegal Hiring Practices Based on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Gov. Greg Abbott’s office has issued a warning to Texas state agencies and public universities, telling them that the use of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives in hiring is illegal.[0] The memo, issued by Abbott's chief of staff Gardner Pate, states that hiring decisions must be based on merit and that any other criteria would be a violation of federal and state employment laws.

The warning comes as Republicans nationwide are pushing back against D-E-I and critical race theory, arguing that these initiatives can lead to discrimination against white people in schools and workplaces.[1]

John D. Sailer of the National Association of Scholars wrote on Monday: “More and more universities across America now require would-be professors to submit so-called diversity statements. These ask applicants to set out their commitment to, and experience of, promoting diversity, equity and inclusion. At the same time some Republican-led states, most notably Florida, are putting their own restrictions on academia. How healthy is academic freedom in America?”

The Academic Freedom Alliance has also released a statement on the threats to academic freedom posed by colleges’ and universities’ requiring “diversity statements” in faculty hiring and promotion. It is clear that these policies are having a major impact on the academic landscape in America, and that the implications of these issues must be carefully considered.

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