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Stay Safe, Stay Protected: American Red Cross North Texas Region’s Top Tips

As temperatures drop in Texas this week and wind chills plunge into the single digits or lower, the American Red Cross North Texas Region is urging everyone to safely heat their homes and prepare for potential winter disasters.[0] According to Katrina Farmer, Regional Disaster Officer for the region, “Help keep your family safe by providing at least three feet of space for all heating equipment, testing your smoke alarms monthly and practicing your two-minute home fire escape plan.”[0]

In order to stay safe, the Red Cross recommends that people charge all their battery-powered devices, such as cell phones, and stock up on a deluxe family first aid kit and backup supply of medications. Additionally, they suggest bringing a battery-operated radio, flashlight, and extra batteries, as well as a battery-powered NOAA Weather Radio and portable radio to receive emergency information.[1]

To keep warm outside, the Red Cross recommends wearing layered clothing, mittens or gloves, and a hat.[1] Clothing worn on the outside should be made of tightly woven fabric and be water-resistant.[0] Additionally, as temperatures are expected to drop from the upper 40s at midnight Thursday to the low 20s by 7 a.m.[2] Friday morning, it is important to note that black ice may form in areas with standing water as temperatures decrease.[2]

By following these safety tips, families can ensure their safety amidst the cold winter temperatures.

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Emergency Food Supply