Sixth Officer Relieved of Duty in Death of Tyre Nichols, Sparking Calls for Police Reform

On January 7th, five Memphis Police officers were fired and later indicted on numerous charges, including second-degree murder, in the death of Tyre Nichols.[0] Now, a sixth officer has been relieved of duty pending the outcome of the investigation.[1]

The body camera footage released by Memphis Police shows the initial encounter between Nichols and police on the night of his death.[2] The footage shows officers pulling Nichols out of a car at Raines and Ross roads as he yells, “I didn’t do anything.” An officer can be heard yelling, “Bitch, put your hands behind your back before I… I’m going to knock your ass the fuck out.”[0]

The officers can be seen forcibly removing him from the car and pressing a taser against his leg while making verbal threats. Nichols can be heard saying, “I am on the ground,” and one officer responds, “On your stomach.”[3] Three seconds later, another officer shoots pepper spray into Nichols’ face.

The camera shakes as Nichols runs and an officer, identified as Preston Hemphill, shoots at him with a taser. The footage also captured an officer saying “I hope they stomp his ass” after Nichols’ attempt to flee the scene.[4]

The Memphis Fire Department also released a statement saying that three of their personnel have been fired for violating numerous policies and protocols during Nichols’ arrest.[5] They said that the two EMTs responded to the call based on the nature of the call (person pepper sprayed) and information they were told on the scene, but failed to do an adequate assessment of Nichols.[6]

Attorneys for the Nichols family released a statement saying they are disappointed in the way Hemphill has been shielded and protected so far, and that the Memphis Police Department owe them all answers. The District Attorney’s office has also stated that they are looking at all individuals involved in the events leading up to, during, and after the beating of Tyre Nichols.[7]

This tragedy has sparked protests and calls for national police reform across the U.S.[8] It is an ongoing investigation, and the current charges do not preclude additional charges as more information is presented.[7] It is time for the Memphis Police Department to take accountability and be transparent with the family and the community.

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