Sacramento Police Investigating Alleged Attack on Family at Sideshow

On Wednesday, Sacramento police arrested 19-year-old Antonio Hernandez on felony assault and child endangerment charges for his involvement in an alleged attack on a family who was stuck in a crowd of people at a sideshow in South Sacramento. This comes after the family said they were attacked after getting caught up in the middle of a sideshow on their way home.[0]

Amanda Hensley, the mother of four children, said she and her family were in their van when they got stuck in a crowd at Amherst Street and Meadowview Road, where cars were doing donuts after midnight Saturday morning.[0] Hensley claimed that beer bottles had been thrown at her van, and that the children's father had been pushed and her 14-year-old son had been punched.[0]

“We definitely all were fearing for our lives. I could hear it in my kids’ voices,” Hensley said.[0] She added that her 14-year-old son was hit in the face, and his dad's ribs are hurting, and he has a big knot on the back of his head.[0]

At approximately 12:15 a.m., the Sacramento Police Department was dispatched to Amherst and Meadowview in response to a sideshow that had been reported.[1] 11[1] It was reported by the police that a male and his juvenile son were assaulted during the occurrence.[2] On Wednesday, law enforcement announced that Antonio Hernandez, aged 19, had been taken into custody in connection with felony assault and child endangerment.

Police have also arrested one person for drug and gun charges, impounded two cars involved in the sideshow and are now investigating what happened to Hensley's family as an assault.[0] Friends of the family have set up a fundraising website to help the family pay for repairs or a new vehicle.[3]

Sgt. Amar Gandhi, a spokesperson for the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office, commented that oftentimes, these sideshows appear suddenly, making it difficult to discern what is happening until one is in the thick of the chaos.[4]

As Hensley was close to her home, this transpired.[0] After celebrating her twins' 10th birthday with family and friends, they were nearly home.[0]

“This was a family vehicle, and now it’s a box of trauma for me,” Hensley said.[0]

The Sacramento Police Department is conducting an inquiry into the assault and the sideshow.[5]

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