Richneck Elementary Reopens with New Safety Protocols After Shooting

Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, Virginia, is reopening on Monday for the first time since a 6-year-old student allegedly shot his teacher, Abigail Zwerner, inside a classroom on January 6.[0] The school will have new safety protocols in place, including metal detectors and clear backpacks.[1] The outcome of the incident has caused the Newport News Public Schools superintendent to be removed and the principal of the school to be transferred to another school.[2]

In the weeks since the shooting, revelations have emerged on how the administration handled the incident.[3] According to a statement from the student’s family released last week, the student suffers from “an acute disability” and was under a specialized care plan at school.[4] One of his parents accompanied him to school daily as part of the plan.[5] However, the week of the shooting was the first that his parents were not in the classroom with him.[5] The family has said the gun the child allegedly brought to school in his backpack was secured by a trigger lock and kept on the top shelf of a closet.[6]

Zwerner has been hailed as a hero for her actions in keeping her students safe after she was shot.[7] She made sure all her students made it out of the classroom and was the last person to leave her classroom before making her way to the administration office.[8] Zwerner was hit by a single round as she was teaching and was taken to the hospital.[6] Zwerner was discharged from the hospital and is still in the process of healing.[6]

The incident has sparked outrage among frustrated parents.[9] The lawyer for the hurt teacher declared last week that the school personnel had been warned several times before the shooting about the student having a firearm and that he had been threatening people.[2] Diane Toscano, a lawyer, claimed that approximately an hour after an employee was denied the right to search the student, Zwerner was shot.[2]

As children returned to class on Monday, police were on campus to “assist with the transition.”[10] The school will be limiting visitors during this first week of instruction to allow staff “the opportunity to establish routines and procedures with students.”[2] Parents will not be allowed to enter classrooms and those who choose to walk their children to class must show identification and are also subject to search.[2]

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