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Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Saskatoon

Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Saskatoon

To prepare great meals, the kitchen has to have vital equipment. It is even more essential for restaurants to have the necessary restaurant kitchen equipment in Saskatoon. This is important to prepare great meals and ensure the smooth running of the restaurant.

The significance of having the best Saskatoon commercial kitchen equipment cannot be overemphasized considering the number of hours spent in the kitchen.

It makes the entire cooking operation smooth and productive with amazing results. It is also important to have the needed knowledge about kitchen equipment

This helps to know the right equipment that will perfectly suit your kitchen. It is also crucial to buy Saskatoon commercial restaurant equipment that is durable and in great working condition.

4 Bestseller Restaurant Kitchen Equipment

Here is a review of five of our popular restaurant equipment in Saskatoon. It is a great choice to purchase for your restaurants.

ATMG-24 Heavy Duty 24″ Manual Griddle

You can easily grill your food with this manual griddle. It has a stainless steel exterior and interior and grease drawer. The controls are easily operated and the equipment helps in grilling food properly.

It has a 3/4 inches NPT rear gas connection and regulator standard, polished steel griddle plate as well as a 30,000 BTU burners per 12″ section with standby pilots.

MRSA-3-D Three Compartment Sink

A sink is an important piece of Saskatoon restaurant equipment. This three-compartment sink creates a lot of opportunities for it to be used for different purposes.

It has a large radius in all of its corners and its drainboards are angled in a way that enhances easy drainage. It has adjustable ABS bullet feet and galvanized legs. This three-compartment sink is a great and important addition to your kitchen.

Wine Cabinet USF33S

A wine cabinet is important to display the different types of wine served in your restaurant. The wine cabinet USF33S comes with 7 beech shelves, refrigerant, and led light.

It is also aesthetically pleasing as it has a sophisticated look with its stainless steel doors. It can accommodate about 31 standard 750 ml wine bottles which is a reasonable quantity of wine bottles.

26-Inch Ice Cream Display Chest Freezer With Curve Glass Top

Ice cream is a natural attraction for patrons irrespective of age. It is however important that they can remain at the required temperature.

Our ice cream chest freezer displays the different flavors of ice cream available and at the same time maintains the desired temperature.

It is manufactured with a 5.6 cubic feet capacity that allows it to store large quantities of products. It has two sliding doors with a curved top glass that enables easy access.

It also has a very secure system and steel interior walls. You don't have to worry about moving it as it comes with four two-inch casters for mobility.

We deal in high-performing restaurant kitchen equipment in Saskatoon. We can upgrade your kitchen to ensure increase in productivity and efficiency. Contact MCK Equipment to learn more about us or to purchase our commercial kitchen products:

Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Saskatoon

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