Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) Caught in Numerous Lies and False Claims

Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) has been caught in numerous lies and falsified his personal history and resume, casting a harsh spotlight on a powerful Republican who endorsed and raised money for him.[0] On Tuesday, Santos’ political operation filed a flurry of amended campaign finance reports, telling the feds, among other things, that a $500,000 loan he gave to his campaign didn’t, in fact, come from his personal funds as he’d previously claimed.[1]

An investigation by Mother Jones revealed that the 2020 Santos campaign has received more than a dozen major donations for which the identity or the location of the donor is not able to be verified. Media reports have not yet acknowledged the more than $30,000 worth of questionable donations that the Santos campaign received from individual donors in 2020, out of the total of $338,000.

Thomas Datwyler was identified on an electronic line intended for the treasurer’s signature.[2] However, his attorney, Ross, told The Daily Beast that “it appears there’s a disconnect between that conversation and the filings today, which we did not authorize.”[3]

The Justice Department has reportedly asked the Federal Elections Commission to hold off on any enforcement action against Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y., amid a dual investigation by federal prosecutors into his campaign.[4] The Washington Post was informed by David M. Mason, a former Federal Election Commission (FEC) commissioner, that the FEC does not wish for two sets of investigators to be overlapping and potentially complicating any criminal case by their civil operations.[5]

Despite calls from some Republicans, including representatives from New York, for him to resign from Congress, Santos has refused to do so.[6] McCarthy has decided not to intervene in Santos' case, instead asserting that the people of his district will decide his fate in Congress.[6]

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) requested additional data concerning the contested filing on Thursday.[7] The Federal Election Commission has noticed that the treasurer information provided by Datwyler may not be accurate, correct, or complete, and has sent a letter asking for further information.[8] The request also asked that the FEC provide any relevant documents to the Justice Department.[2]

The latest political mysteries come from the Long Island fabulist, as part of an apparently never-ending chain of donations.[9]

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