Recent Hiker Disappearances in National Parks Prompt Search and Rescue Efforts

Several hikers have gone missing in various national parks across the United States in recent weeks, sparking search and rescue efforts. On May 1, Kevin Sypher was reported missing in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.[0] Park officials became aware of his disappearance when a ranger encountered a group of people searching for him. Further investigation revealed that a man matching Sypher's description was seen by park staff on Sunday afternoon, traveling on foot near Copeland Lake heading west on Wild Basin Road.[1] Search efforts have been ongoing, with patrols continuing in the area where Sypher is believed to be missing, but the official search has been suspended.[2] Anyone with information is urged to contact the National Park Service Investigative Services Bureau Tip Line at 888-653-0009.[1]

In Montana's Glacier National Park, 19-year-old Matthew David Read was reported missing on May 5. He was last heard from on Friday afternoon when he began his hike along the Huckleberry Lookout Trail.[3] Officials believe Read started his hike around noon on Friday and encountered a snowfield covering the trail, slipping into an unnamed drainage on Huckleberry Mountain.[4] His vehicle was found at the trailhead on Sunday. Search efforts were concentrated around the summer trailhead and up to Copeland Falls, and on May 8, rescue crews located Read using thermal camera technology.[5] He was “somewhat responsive” and was extricated with a 175-foot hoist, flown out of the park, and transferred to a hospital where he remains in stable condition.[6]

Trammell Evans, an avid hiker, was last seen when he was dropped off at the Black Rock Campground in Joshua Tree National Park on April 30.[7] The park initiated a search and rescue on May 5 for Evans after he was reported as overdue from his trip.[7] Search efforts are ongoing, with patrols occurring in the area where he was last seen. Anyone with information is urged to contact investigators at 888-653-0009 or online at[8]

These incidents serve as a reminder of the potential dangers of hiking and exploring in national parks. Officials urge visitors to be prepared and to take necessary precautions, such as bringing appropriate gear and supplies, telling someone their itinerary, checking weather conditions, and staying on designated trails. In case of an emergency or if someone goes missing, park officials advise contacting authorities immediately and providing any relevant information that could aid in search and rescue efforts.

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