President Jimmy Carter Receives Hospice Care at Home in Georgia

Former President Jimmy Carter is receiving hospice care at his home in Georgia, the Carter Center announced Saturday.[0] The decision was made after a series of short hospital stays, and has the full support of his family and medical team.[1] Jason Carter, the former president’s grandson, said in a tweet that “they are at peace and—as always—their home is full of love.”[2]

The 39th president, who celebrated his 98th birthday in October, is best known for his post-presidency work with The Carter Center, which he and former First Lady Rosalynn Carter established in 1982.[3] The center works to improve life for people in over 80 countries by resolving conflicts, advancing democracy, human rights, and economic opportunity, preventing diseases, and improving mental health care.[3]

President Carter’s term in office was marked by several notable achievements, including the Camp David Accords between Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in 1978, which earned him the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002.[4] He also partially deregulated the airline, railroad, and trucking industries and established the departments of Education and Energy, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.[5]

In August 2015, Carter had a small cancerous mass removed from his liver, but announced the following year that he no longer needed treatment after an experimental drug eliminated any sign of cancer.[5]

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden visited the Carters at their home in Plains, Georgia in 2021.[6] The pair have been friends since Biden was a first-term U.S. senator from Delaware in 1976, when he was an early supporter of Carter’s presidential campaign.[2]

The Carter family has our prayers at this time.[7] It is our hope that President Carter's outstanding contributions to Georgia, America, and the international community across his many years of service will bring them peace.[7]

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