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Paul Pelosi’s Attack: Bodycam Footage & Audio of October 2022 Incident Released by San Francisco Court

On Friday, a San Francisco court released bodycam footage of the October 2022 attack on Paul Pelosi, the husband of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.[0] The video is graphic and shows officers arriving at the Pelosi home and, after knocking on the door several times, Paul Pelosi answering while seemingly attempting to keep a hand on a hammer in the hands of the suspect David DePape.[1] DePape then pulls the hammer free and immediately swings it above his head and hits Mr. Pelosi’s skull. The officers hastily enter the room to apprehend DePape as Pelosi lies still on the ground.[2]

Mr. DePape, aged 42, has entered a plea of not guilty to all charges in the case, which include attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and elder abuse.[3] He has also entered a plea of not guilty for the federal charges of assaulting a relative of a federal official and attempting to kidnap a federal officer for the said home invasion.[4]

Paul Pelosi underwent surgery “to repair a skull fracture and serious injuries to his right arm and hands” following the incident, a spokesman for Nancy Pelosi said in a statement.[5] Reporters were informed by the California Democratic congresswoman on Thursday that her husband is still on the mend.[6] DePape faces life in prison if convicted of all charges.[7]

At the Pelosi's home on Oct. 28, an officer's body camera captured video evidence, Paul Pelosi made a 911 call to police, an interview with DePape was included in the evidence, as well as security video taken during the break-in by U.S. Capitol Police in Washington.[8] In the audio of the 911 call, Pelosi appeared to be discreetly trying to alert the dispatcher to the fact that he was in peril while DePape was hearing it.

Advocates for the theories highlighted accounts that Pelosi had been able to secretly call 911 while trying to talk with the intruder in his residence.[9] In the purported audio, Pelosi speaks of DePape as a “friend” in his attempt to alert the dispatcher without disclosing to DePape that he was talking with the police. Upon the officers' arrival at the scene, it is reported that Pelosi and DePape were embroiled in a tussle concerning a hammer.[9] DePape gained the advantage and hit him on the head. The bodycam footage reportedly captured the last moments of the conflict.[9]

On Wednesday, a court in California decided that the district attorney's office must disclose the documents, in addition to the audio recordings from the police interviews with David DePape, the suspected assailant.[10]

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