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Patriot Pantry’s 72 Hour Kit: Everything You Need to Know

The Patriot Pantry 72 Hour Kit is a great way to be prepared for any emergency situation. This kit can provide you with the necessary supplies to adequately sustain your family for three days. It includes a variety of items such as food, water, blankets, a pocketknife, and more. With the Patriot Pantry 72 hour Kit, you can be sure that your family is well equipped for any emergency.

What is a Patriot Pantry 72-Hour Kit?

A Patriot Pantry 72-Hour Kit is an essential tool for emergency preparedness. It contains an assortment of basic everyday items that are designed to sustain one person for up to three days if supplies become limited during an unforeseen emergency. These kits come in various styles, shapes and sizes but all include the same core items necessary for survival including food, water, first aid supplies and other necessary items.

The primary goal of a Patriot Pantry 72-Hour Kit is to provide the necessary resources needed in order to survive any catastrophe or disaster without having to rely on outside help or resources which may not be available due to infrastructure damage. This kit can be stored in your home and should not require additional space as it will fit discreetly into any corner of your living space ready for when you need it most.

Having these resources readily available means that you can also use them as part of your regular camping and outdoor activities; such as hiking trips and camping over weekends. Having a Patriot Pantry 72-Hour kit gives you the peace of mind that comes with being prepared at all times; no matter what kind of scenario you find yourself in, either at home or outdoors – you have the tools needed for success.

Benefits of a Patriot Pantry 72-Hour Kit

A Patriot Pantry 72-Hour Kit is designed to provide you with enough food, water, and supplies to help you survive a short-term emergency situation. It's an essential item to have in your emergency supplies kit, as it can help keep you and your family safe and well-fed during times of crisis.

Let's take a look at some of the benefits of owning a Patriot Pantry 72-Hour Kit:

Long-term food storage

One of the key benefits of a Patriot Pantry 72-hour kit is its long-term food storage. This emergency preparedness kit provides enough non-perishable foods to ensure that two adults have enough food for three days in case of an emergency. The kits are designed to provide a balanced, nutritionally sound diet which includes proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables.

Each bag contains items such as canned meats and vegetables, breakfast cereal, and easy-to-prepare meals like macaroni and cheese. The sealed containers of foods have an average shelf life of up to twenty years, allowing consumers to stock-up on emergency food supplies with confidence that they will be useful when needed. To make meal preparation simpler during an emergency, some packages include salt and pepper as well as drinks mixes like hot cocoa or powdered lemonade.

The Patriot Pantry 72-hour kit comes stored neatly in a heavy duty plastic container that can easily fit into tight storage spaces and it also has a carrying handle for easy transport. The container provides individuals with the peace of mind knowing that their supplies are safely stowed away from the elements such as moisture, sunlight or heat so the foods maintain optimal freshness until needed.

Emergency preparedness

When it comes to emergency preparedness, having a Patriot Pantry 72-Hour Kit is key to staying safe during any situation. This kit includes essential items such as food, water, first aid supplies, and more. These items provide everything you need to sustain yourself in the event of an emergency.

The Patriot Pantry 72-Hour Kit is designed to provide for the basic needs of one person for up to three days. The kit contains enough calories and nutrients for an adult to maintain optimal health during an emergency. In addition, it is also equipped with other essential items that can come in handy in a disaster or unexpected event.

These include items such as a flashlight, AM/FM radio, compass/whistle combo, waterproof matches, 1 gallon of purified drinking water per person per day (with additional supplies for cooking and hygiene), basic first aid supplies with over thirty vital items including pain medication and bandages, 36 servings of all-natural ready-to-eat meals that cook with just boiling water; snacks such as energy bars and trail mix; two safety blankets; two glow sticks; two dust masks; two ponchos or rain gear sets; one cook set (with pot/pan combos); lip balm.

Overall this easy-to-carry kit is lightweight and packed full of all the necessary materials you’ll need should the unexpected happen. Knowing that you have the essentials packed safely away will give you peace of mind during uncertain times.


Patriot Pantry 72-Hour Kits offer a variety of convenient features that make them ideal for emergency preparedness. The kits come in durable, lightweight containers that are easy to transport and store. They are packed with enough food and supplies to provide 72 hours of sustenance per person.

In addition to the main contents of the kit, Patriot Pantry 72-Hour Kits also include an assortment of helpful secondary items such as water purification tablets, a first aid kit, safety goggles, fire starter cubes, anatomically correct baby dolls for children, multi-tool knives and many more survival essentials. The kits can be customized to fit individual needs and preferences easily – simply add or subtract items from the package.

Finally, each kit comes with comprehensive instructions detailing how to use all of its available features as well as additional information aimed at improving overall emergency preparedness skills such as:

  • Emergency contact information management
  • Basic navigation
  • Developing emergency plans

What is Included in a Patriot Pantry 72-Hour Kit

A Patriot Pantry 72-Hour Kit is a comprehensive disaster preparedness and survival kit that includes essential items for 72 hours in the event of an emergency. This kit includes long-lasting, ready-to-eat food and water, first aid, hygiene, shelter and warmth, communication, lighting and other valuable items for disaster situations.

Let's take a look at what is included in this kit:

Non-perishable food items

Non-perishable food items are essential items that can last for months or even years with proper storage. Patriot Pantry 72-Hour Kits come stocked with a variety of shelf-stable food items that are ready to eat or easily prepared, so you have nutritious, delicious meals in an emergency situation.

Each kit includes a variety of convenient and easy to prepare meals, snacks and beverages such as:

  • Oatmeal cups
  • Entrees such as lasagna, creamy potato soup and chili macaroni
  • Fruit drinks and teas
  • Snacks like granola bars, trail mix and crackers
  • Fruits like applesauce, pears and peaches in juice
  • Breakfast foods such as pancakes, french toast and cereal

In addition to the non-perishable food items listed above, most kits also feature a few convenient comfort foods so you can enjoy something sweet while you’re in an emergency situation. These typically include chocolate bars, cookies or hot cocoa mixes.


Water is one of the most important components of a 72-hour kit – you need a minimum of one gallon per person per day. Patriot Pantry recognizes this, and provides two containers in each kit for safe drinking water. These containers can hold 1 gallon of water each, providing a total of 2 gallons for two people for 3 days (72 hours).

The two-gallon container included in the patriot pantry kit provides safe drinking water without adding chemicals or bringing uncomfortable weight on your travels. The container also ensures easy transportation when supplemented with other items in your kit such as flashlights, first aid supplies, energy bars and blankets.

In addition to providing safe drinking water that won't spoil easily, the patriotic pantry 72-hour kits also suggest adding a portable water filter to remove underlying bacteria and other impurities that may be present in lakes or streams. This is especially useful if weather conditions delay normal sources of clean drinking water. The Water Filter Straw Accessory packs are lightweight, compact and portable enough to be included in your 72-hour kit.

First aid supplies

Patriot Pantry 72-Hour Kits are designed for one person and cater to a variety of disasters, including natural disasters, terrorist attacks, civil unrest, car accidents, unexpected power outages and more. These comprehensive kits include a selection of food items with an emphasis on high-energy options and freeze-dried meals. They also include tools and supplies to help you keep your basic needs met in times of chaos, such as survival blankets and ponchos as well as nutrition bars for longer periods without access to food.

The kits also come with a selection of first aid supplies such as bandages and antiseptic wipes for minor injuries or illnesses. The first aid supplies provide the necessary resources keep an individual safe until they receive medical help or are able to get back home to safety.

Emergency tools

In addition to the food items included in the Patriot Pantry 72-Hour Kit, you should also make sure that you have the necessary emergency tools to help you during an emergency. These items include:

  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Radio & Emergency signaling device (whistle, flares, etc.)
  • Emergency blankets or sleeping bags
  • Multi tool or knife for emergency repairs
  • Matches and lighter for starting fires
  • First aid kit with emergency medications
  • Water filter/purification for clean drinking water

Personal items

Making sure you have all the essentials and personal items to survive any situation is essential when purchasing a Patriot Pantry 72-hour kit. There are many components that can be important to your safety, wellness and comfort in an emergency, including:

  • Multi-purpose tool
  • Light source such as a flashlight, chemical light sticks and/or flares
  • Sanitation items such as hand sanitizer, feminine supplies and toilet paper
  • H2O Aquamira Water Treatment Drops
  • Essential documents like insurance cards, driver’s licenses, IDs and passports.
  • Battery operated radio
  • Whistle for signaling rescue crews
  • Adult and child blanket protection from the elements
  • Money in small denominations for vending machines or other purchases
  • First Aid Kit consisting of over 90 pieces of quality medical supplies. Including bandages, alcohol swabs, tweezers, wound closure strips and more!

How to Use a Patriot Pantry 72-Hour Kit

A Patriot Pantry 72-Hour Kit is a great way to be prepared for a disaster or emergency. It is a complete set of items that you can use to help keep your family safe and well-fed in an emergency.

In this article, we will look at the different components that make up the kit and how you can use them in the event of an emergency:

Assemble the kit

Having a Patriot Pantry 72-hour kit on hand can be a great way to ensure that you and your family are prepared in case of an emergency. To construct your 72-hour kit, begin by gathering the items that were provided to you with your purchase and place them in the included storage bag. Make sure all the items necessary for your family members' survival are included. This Emergency Preparedness Kit contains enough food, water, and supplies to last you and your family for up to three days in case of an emergency. By assembling the kit correctly and having it available, you can be ready for any situation.

Included with your kit:

  • 4 water pouches (125 mL)
  • 1 sealed box of emergency food rations (2400 kcal)
  • 4 emergency blankets
  • 4 emergency ponchos
  • 2 emergency whistles
  • 1 flashlight with batteries
  • 1 multi purpose tool
  • 2 dust masks
  • 1 first aid kit

Once everything is gathered together, store it in a cool, dry place – ideally somewhere close by where it will be easy to access if needed. Now that your Patriot Pantry Emergency Preparedness Kit is assembled, one more step will help keep you as safe as possible: learn about how to use each item within the kit! Read through this guide carefully so that you understand how each item should be used during an emergency situation.

Store the kit in a safe place

When storing the Patriot Pantry 72-Hour Kit it’s important to find a safe and secure place in your home. You want to keep it in an area where it will not get in the way or be damaged or ruined during a flood or other emergency. It is also a good idea to make sure children do not have access to the kit. Most kits come with an independent handle, so you can easily carry it from one place to another.

When choosing a storage area, consider these tips:

  • Pick an area that is out of the way of normal foot traffic
  • Keep the kit away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight
  • Choose an area that has easy access but is also secure
  • Consider using shelves, cupboards, closets, and basements as potential storage areas
  • Make sure whatever you store the kit in is waterproof and dust proof

Having a Patriot Pantry 72-Hour Kit easily accessible can give you peace of mind knowing you are prepared for any emergency situation.

Rotate the food items

Rotating your Patriot Pantry 72-Hour Kit food storage containers is important. Every 6 months, you should go through each item and assess whether or not it’s still safe to consume and check expiration dates. If the item is expired, you can either dispose of it safely or switch it out for a new package and write the new expiration date on the lid of the container.

When switching out packages, be sure to include a few different types and flavors of items from your pantry so that you have some variety if needed in time of need. Additionally, rotating these food items will help reduce spoilage due to improper packaging techniques as well as prolonging shelf life when stored properly in cool, dark places away from direct sunlight, excessive heat/cold and moisture sources at all times.

Use the kit in an emergency

In the event of an emergency, having a Patriot Pantry 72-hour kit can be a lifesaver. It is important to follow the instructions and guidelines provided to ensure proper use and enjoyment of what the kit has to offer.

When faced with an emergency, it is important to assess your needs – how many people you are providing for and what type of supplies are necessary. Once you have done this, consider how best to use the items in your Patriot Pantry 72-hour kit.

In most cases, it is recommended that you eat as much food as possible before it expires by following the required usage Instructions listed on each item’s package. This includes eating food items within approximately 36 hours of being opened or consumed and drinking beverages within approximately 24 hours of being opened or consumed. Note that individual items may have varying expiration times, so be sure to check before consumption.

Also take care not to waste any items in case a quick escape is required; for instance, do not open packages in preparation for eating unless absolutely necessary, such as if prolonged exposure will occur due to weather conditions or other danger. As well, once items are opened they should not be stored away without careful consideration or they run risk of going bad before they can be used up completely.

Finally make sure there is enough supply for any family members/travelers who plan on using the kit by utilizing perishables first and relying on shelf-stable provisions secondarily where applicable (e.g., snacks). This ensures that all who require assistance can be better supplied during a crisis situation – no one should have to go without food while others receive more than their fair share!


It can be difficult to determine which 72-hour kit is right for you, but the Patriot Pantry 72-Hour Kit is an excellent choice. It provides a quality and reliable variety of food, water, and emergency supplies, with appropriate portion sizes for individuals and families. It also offers a durable and lightweight carrying case so you can easily transport it wherever you go. Not to mention, it is also attractively priced and provides exceptional value.

All in all, the Patriot Pantry 72-Hour Kit is an excellent all-in-one choice for your emergency supplies.

Patriot Pantry 72-Hour Kits are a great way to be prepared for any emergency situation.

Patriot Pantry's 72-Hour Kit is designed to provide you with the necessary food, water and supplies needed to help you make it through an emergency situation. The product fulfills all of the necessities recommended by experts, such as ready-to-eat meals, a variety of snacks, and beverages. Additionally, you will find items such as a blanket, a first aid kit and other utilities that are essential for facing any emergency.

The Patriot Pantry 72-Hour Kit provides enough food for 3 full days for 4 people. This can help ensure that your family is safe and well-fed during an unexpected disaster. The kit also includes easy-to-prepare meals and snacks to help you stay fueled up at all times during the crisis. Furthermore, each kit comes with meals that are certified gluten free to satisfy even those with special dietary needs.

Overall, Patriot Pantry’s 72-Hour Kits make it easy for people to be prepared for any type of emergency situation by providing them with everything they need in one convenient package. They also give peace of mind to individuals knowing that they can rely on their kit in case of an unexpected event or disaster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Patriot Pantry's 72 Hour Kit?

A1: Patriot Pantry's 72 Hour Kit is a pre-packaged emergency kit that contains enough food and water to last one person for three days in the event of an emergency or disaster. It includes meals, snacks, drinks, and other essential items such as a first aid kit, flashlight, and radio.

Q2: How long will the food last?

A2: The food in the Patriot Pantry 72 Hour Kit is designed to last up to 25 years so it can be stored for long term use.

Q3: What is included in the kit?

A3: The Patriot Pantry 72 Hour Kit includes 25 year shelf life food and water, snacks, beverages, first aid kit, flashlight, and radio.

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