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Patriot Food Supply’s 72-Hour Kit

Having a reliable Patriot Food Supply 72hour kit is essential for anyone who wants to be prepared in case of an emergency. Having a well-stocked 72-hour kit will provide you with the items you need to sustain yourself and your family in the event of a disaster. Whether you are facing a natural disaster or human conflict, this kit can help you get through.

In this article, you will learn more about the components of the Patriot Food Supply 72hour kit and how it can help you in an emergency situation:

Benefits of having a 72-hour kit

When an emergency or disaster strikes, it can leave you and your family vulnerable to hunger, fatigue and many other factors. Having a patriot food supply 72-hour kit stocked with foods, supplies and other necessities can bring tremendous peace of mind in such uncertain times. It is important to have an emergency plan for a disaster or power outage so that essential supplies are readily available at all times. Having a 72-hour kit on hand will ensure that you are well-prepared to provide the essentials for your family when the unexpected occurs.

Your Patriot Food Supply 72-Hour Kit is designed to give you peace of mind and the resources necessary to survive during a crisis. Prepackaged with critical items such as non-perishable food, water pouches, medical supplies and more, this kit is designed to be easy to store in tight spaces while providing enough sustenance and first aid materials for three days per person. Not only will it provide the basics necessary in any emergency but its 25 year shelf life means that it requires no maintenance or regular replacement either. Furthermore its compact size allows for easy mobility should you need to evacuate or take shelter quickly due to imminent danger or severe weather events like hurricanes or snow storms.

Having a 72-hour kit like this available enables families and individuals alike access their vital needs in record time should an emergency arise suddenly, which can truly mean the difference between life and death in some instances.

In conclusion, having a patriot food supply 72-hour kit readily accessible could be one of the most valuable survival products that anyone can acquire for themselves or their loved ones during times of distress and uncertainty—it will give each person confidence knowing he/she has taken proper steps toward safety when emergencies occur without fail.


When it comes to prepping for natural disasters or other emergency situations, having the right supplies can be the difference between life and death. A Patriot food supply 72 hour kit contains the essential items you need to survive for an extended period of time in the event of an emergency. The kit includes food, water, shelter, first aid, and other items you may need in an emergency.

The following will discuss the essential items contained in the Patriots food supply 72 hour kit:

Non-perishable food

Non-perishable food items are an essential part of any emergency or disaster preparedness kit. They don’t require refrigeration, have a long shelf life, and provide sustenance during challenging circumstances. Depending on the contents, some preparedness kits may include canned and dehydrated meals, crackers and snack bars, powdered fruit drinks, dried fruits and nuts, and more.

It is important to ensure that non-perishable food supply items are ready-to-eat in case of an emergency; this means that the user does not need to cook them before consuming. Prepackaged emergency meals can be bought online or at most sporting goods stores. Making your own emergency rations from scratch can also be considered; typically these would consist of high energy protein bars made from honey, milk powder, oats and other ingredients.

When choosing non-perishables for your Patriot Food Supply 72 Hour Kit or other emergency kit it is important to carefully plan what foods you will need based on several factors such as:

  • Duration of expected use (1 day till 3 days)
  • Climate/temperature conditions (warm weather snacks may differ from cold weather snacks)
  • Special dietary needs for individuals within a family/group including vegetarians/vegans as well as allergies etc.
  • Non-perishable food items should also take into consideration energy retention requirements since people may require twice the amount of daily energy intake compared to a normal day if they are undertaking physical activity such as walking in order to reach safety during a natural disaster among other scenarios.


One of the most essential components for any emergency preparedness kit is a supply of clean, potable water. Stocking enough water for at least three days of following a disaster will ensure the safety and wellbeing of your family or those you are in charge of caring for. When putting together your 72-hour kit, make sure to include one-gallon per person per day to ensure that everyone’s hydration needs are met in the event they are without access to their regular water source.

In addition to basic drinking needs, other uses as well should be taken into consideration when stocking up on water—having a supply on hand can also provide aid in emergency issues such as cleaning and sanitation where running taps aren’t available, since even boiling questionable drinking sources (e.g., river or ground) may help it be safe for usage but won’t address any use of liquid for hygiene or cleaning related activities.

For this reason, it is not advisable that you set up your own private supply after an emergency strikes—storing up enough water beforehand is essential in ensuring that your group has only safe and trustworthy sources available for them during times where normal sources may have become compromised due to natural disasters like floods or earthquakes. Therefore doing so ahead of time and planning accordingly based on the number of people you might be responsible for becomes your best course of action when it comes to planning out what type and amount may best suit your needs during a possible crisis situation.

First Aid Kit

A well-stocked first aid kit is an essential component of any patriot food supply 72hour kit. Severe injuries may mean assistance is not close by and you may be treating wounds until help arrives.

The contents of a first aid kit for a 72-hour emergency must include basic items like gauze pads, adhesive tape, antiseptic solution, surgical scissors and forceps. Other items to consider include tweezers, cotton balls, nonstick bandages, antiseptic wipes and burn ointment or spray. A good first aid kit should also include over-the-counter pain medications such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen and antihistamines for allergies.

Additional items that are related to safety are matches for building a fire or flashlight for seeing in the dark; bug spray to prevent bites from venomous creatures; and supplies like needle and thread or super glue. Keep your first aid kit organized in a plastic box with an attached lid that you can easily locate in the event of an emergency.


Flashlights are essential items in any 72 hour kit and can help you to remain safe in low-light situations. In choosing a flashlight for your emergency kit, look for a device that is compact and waterproof, with multiple levels of illumination.

A headlamp is an option that many people find especially convenient – it leaves the user's hands free while providing bright light. Be sure to include plenty of extra batteries and any necessary accessories – such as replacement bulbs or switches – with your flashlight as part of your emergency supplies. Additionally, it is best to select flashlights that utilize LED bulbs, which have a high efficiency and long bulb life.

Portable Radio

When putting together an emergency supply, a portable radio can be a crucial tool that allows you to stay informed and safe when power is out. For the best performance and reliability, a crank powered or battery powered portable radio can help you stay in touch with the outside world.

The NOAA Weather Radio provides continuous broadcast of weather information including forecasts, watches, warnings and other related products 24 hours a day directly from the National Weather Service or their local broadcasters. Such important features as alarms, alerts and tuning capabilities also allow for more tailored information access.

For extra assurance, consider investing in an AM/FM radio with shortwave abilities that ensures you’ll have access to a variety of sources for news and information should anything happen. Look for radios with digital tuners that also offer built-in USB connections and auxiliary inputs to charge your phones or other compatible devices as well as listen to music. Some models also include flashlights, alarms and other additional features that can make life much easier during an emergency situation.


A multi-tool is an essential item when building a 72-hour emergency food supply. This handy tool can offer a variety of uses and functions to help you in a variety of survival situations, such as cutting, sawing, hammering, and other tasks which may arise during your emergency kit preparation and while out in the field.

A quality multi-tool should include tools such as pliers, scissors, bottle opener, screwdriver, file, saws and more. Many multi-tools also feature a stainless steel construction for long-lasting performance and strength under pressure.

Also look for tools with a folding design for easy storage in your kit without taking up too much space or adding any unnecessary weight or bulk. Some may even feature a compass to extend their usefulness and many include safety locks to keep from inadvertent folding when using tools or opening blades.

When choosing the best multi-tool for your Patriot Food Supply 72 Hour Kit consider the type of tasks you may encounter both during the kit's construction and while outdoors so you can be sure it will check all of the necessary boxes when it comes time to use it.

Fire Starter

Having a reliable fire starter is an essential element of any 72-hour kit. Fire starters come in several sizes and forms, and is good to have multiple types and packs in your kit. Choose fire starters that work in all weather conditions, whether its raining or snowing. Fire starting supplies can include:

  • Matches: Standard wooden matches work, but also keep waterproof matches with you – they won’t be affected if they get wet.
  • Lighter: Reusable lighters are easy to refill when the fuel runs out but make sure the lighter is protected from direct contact with water.
  • Ferrocerium rod and striker: Also known as a “Flint and Striker”, this combo produces sparks which will help you start a fire even during wet weather.
  • Magnesium bar and striker: This tool uses scrapings of magnesium – a flammable metal – to create sparks for fire starting in all weather conditions, including heavy rain or snow.

Emergency Blanket

Emergency blankets are essential items for a Patriot food supply 72hour kit. They're light-weight and easy to pack, but can save a life during an emergency. These blankets are made of reflectorized plastic film to help trap body heat and provide warmth in cold temperatures while remaining breathable and lightweight. In addition, they protect an individual from wind, rain, snow and other environmental conditions if no shelter is available.

Emergency blankets come in bag sizes or full body coverage for use as a makeshift sleeping bag or to cover large areas for group protection. It is recommended that you carry multiple emergency blankets in your 72hour kit, so it's important to identify the correct size and material based on your family's needs before purchasing:

  • Bag sizes
  • Full body coverage


A whistle is an essential part of any emergency preparedness kit. Not only can it be used to attract attention in a dire circumstance, but it also has the potential to ward off intruders or dangerous wildlife. Having a loud and reliable whistle can help you effectively alert yourself and others whether near or far of potentially dangerous conditions.

A good quality whistle should be made from durable material such as plastic or stainless steel, contain no rubber parts or appendages that might weather with time, produce a loud sound up to 100 decibels, and feature some form of lanyard for easy carrying or attachment to clothing.

When packing supplies for an emergency situation, make sure you have a durable and reliable whistle on hand—it could end up being your saving grace!

Patriot Food Supply 72-Hour Kit

A Patriot Food Supply 72-Hour Kit is a great way to make sure you are prepared in the event of an emergency. This kit contains high-quality, long-lasting food sources that can provide you with sustenance for up to three days. It's lightweight and easy to store, making it an ideal item to have in case of an emergency. Let's take a closer look at what this kit contains and what makes it so useful.


The Patriot Food Supply 72-Hour Kit is designed to provide sustenance for up to three days in a disaster or emergency situation. It contains nutritionally balanced and calorie dense food that requires minimal preparation or cooking. The kit includes several main meal pouches and snacks, along with a handy camping stove and utensils, all neatly packed in an easy-to-carry backpack. The components are specifically chosen to offer your family the nutrition and sustenance they need when there’s an interruption in the food supply chain.

This is not a survival kit, but rather an emergency food supply specifically designed for short-term disruption scenarios. The pouches are packed with real ingredients and recipes that can be quickly heated over the included camp stove or any other cooking source when you don’t have access to conventional kitchen appliances. Everything is individually packaged, vacuum sealed, and contains rich flavors that will make this palate-pleasing cuisine hard to resist even when times are tough!

The contents of the 72-Hour Kit represent three meals per day for one adult for three days – totaling nine meals that include entrees with vegetables and additional snack items providing up to 2,500 calories per day of balanced nutrition. The pack comes complete with dishes needed for eating: a plate, bowl, cup, utensils and more – everything you need! If more than one person will be dining on this meal plan then the frequency of meals should either be adjusted accordingly or extra food should be added so nothing goes to waste if multiple people are expecting hot meals each day.


The Patriot Food Supply 72-Hour Kit is a convenient, all-inclusive food supply that is designed to provide three days of meals in case of an emergency. It includes over 20 varieties of dehydrated, freeze-dried and long term storage meals specifically chosen to provide balanced nutrition for three days. This ready-to-go kit eliminates the need for shopping, cooking or hunting for ingredients in an emergency.

This sturdy carrying case provides enough food for one adult (1,800 calories per day). It contains a variety of entrees and side dishes that are ready to eat in minutes; all that’s required is boiling water or adding hot water. Its 100% vegan ingredients provide balanced nutrition – with only 18g of fat per day from natural sources. The Patriot Food Supply 72-Hour Kit includes:

  • 9 meals with total calories of roughly 5400
  • 17 Servings
  • Shelf life: 5 years
  • Long term storage buckets
  • Packed in a durable carrying case

This comprehensive survival kit provides peace of mind and gives you the confidence that your family can survive through any situation with ease. The convenient packaging means you can store it anywhere – from your home pantry to your car trunk to your workplace – so you’re always prepared if needed.

What's Included

The Patriot Food Supply 72-Hour Kit contains an ample quantity of nutritious, non-perishable food items that will provide 3 days (72 hours) of sustenance for two people, or enough to supplement a larger food storage plan. Each package includes easy-to-prepare entrees and sides, comfort and grazing foods such as chocolate bars, nuts and trail mix, plus a few breakfast items for quick calories during those first chaotic hours.


  • Chicken & Rice Stew
  • Chili Con Carne
  • Tomato Basil Soup


  • Potato Soup Mix
  • Korean Style Noodles with Vegetables
  • Old Fashioned Potato Flakes

Comfort Foods/Snacks – 1 pouch each:

  • Cheese Crackers 1.2oz
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies 2.2oz
  • Blueberry Granola Bar 2.05oz

Grazing foods – 1 pouch each:

  • Dark Chocolate Cherry Almonds 1.2oz
  • Fruit & Nut Trail Mix 4oz

Breakfast Items – Serves 2 (1 packet per meal):

  • Whole Grain Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal 0.8 oz


Thank you for reading our review of Patriot Food Supply’s 72-hour kit. After looking at all the features, components, and other aspects of the kit, we can conclude that this is a great emergency preparedness kit for both novice and experienced campers and preppers. This kit is packed with essential items to make sure you can survive for up to 72 hours, so you are well equipped for any situation.


This guide to Patriot Food Supply’s 72 Hour Kit has given you a comprehensive look at the components and advantages of using a 72 hour kit to prepare for any emergency. The kit contains enough high-quality freeze-dried food, medical supplies, and other items to sustain three people for three days in the event of an emergency. Each of the components provide a different type of use, from providing sustenance and medical supplies, to entertainment and hygiene.

With this kit, you have all 3 pillars of emergency preparedness covered; food & water security, medical security, and comfort & wellbeing. Patriot Food Supply's 72 Hour Kit is one of the best solutions to emergencies as it is lightweight yet versatile enough to meet most individuals' needs.

We recommend that every family should have a properly stocked 72 hour kit in order to quickly respond to emergencies when situations occur without much notice or time for planning or preparation.

Final Thoughts

Overall, having a good supply of food and supplies on hand is critical to ensuring your safety in an emergency. It’s important to assess your needs before selecting a food kit and also to understand what supplies will help you in various situations.

Among the most convenient choices for an emergency food supply is the Patriot Food Supply 72-Hour Kit. This is designed to provide up to three days of nutritionally balanced meals with the convenience of shelf-stable ingredients that can be kept in any environment without risk of spoiling. It also comes with equally valuable components such as fuel tabs, lightstick, water bags, utensils, and more that are essential for survival during an emergency situation.

By carefully stocking your home or vehicle with this escape bag, you’ll be prepared if disaster strikes and stand a better chance of coming out unharmed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Patriot Food Supply 72 Hour Kit?

A: A Patriot Food Supply 72 Hour Kit is an emergency preparedness kit that contains enough food and supplies to last for 72 hours in the event of a disaster. The kit includes food items such as freeze-dried meals, energy bars, and beverages, along with other essentials like flashlights, first aid supplies, and more.

Q: How often should I replace the items in my Patriot Food Supply 72 Hour Kit?

A: It is recommended that you replace the items in your Patriot Food Supply 72 Hour Kit every 6 months to ensure the food is fresh and the supplies are up-to-date.

Q: What type of food items are included in the Patriot Food Supply 72 Hour Kit?

A: The Patriot Food Supply 72 Hour Kit includes freeze-dried meals, energy bars, and beverages. All of the items are non-perishable and will remain fresh for up to 25 years.

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