Numanna vs My Patriot Supply: Which is the Better Food Storage Option?

Numanna and My Patriot Supply are two food storage companies that specialize in emergency preparedness and survival food. Both companies offer a variety of products for long-term food storage, but there are some key differences between the two. In this overview, we will discuss the differences between Numanna and My Patriot Supply, and help you decide which company is best for you.

Introduction to Numanna and My Patriot Supply

Numanna and My Patriot Supply are two U.S. preparedness companies committed to providing customers with quality emergency food storage and survival gear. Both companies offer customers a wide selection of products, ranging from basic emergency kits to long-term food buckets to tactical gear.

While the focus of both companies is on product quality, Numanna offers an even greater emphasis on sustainability by utilizing earth-friendly packaging, as well as all-natural ingredients in their foods and beverages. My Patriot Supply more closely focuses on offering products specifically tailored for emergency operations such as bug out bags, survival gear, and tactical equipment.

Ultimately, the decision between Numanna vs My Patriot Supply largely boils down to customer preference; those looking for sustainable food solutions might prefer Numanna while those looking for specialized gear might choose My Patriot Supply. From starters kits to freeze dried meals and beverage mixes all the way to complete long-term storage solutions; both companies strive to provide preparedness tips along with their products for customers who want an easy way to get started in an emergency situation. Ultimately it’s up to each customer’s unique needs and preferences when selecting which company best fits their needs of preparedness.

Product Comparison

Numanna vs My Patriot Supply is a comparison of two popular food storage companies. Both offer a variety of freeze-dried and dehydrated food products and have become popular due to their quality and affordability.

We will take a look at:

  • Their variety of products
  • The nutritional elements of their food
  • The cost of their products
  • The overall customer experience

Numanna vs My Patriot Supply Food Supply

Product comparison is an important part of selecting the best food storage plan for you and your family. In this Numanna vs My Patriot Supply food supply comparison, we will analyze both product lines under four categories: Shelf Life, Variety, Price and Shipping.

  • Shelf Life: Both companies offer a wide range of products with shelf lives of up to 25 years or longer. The longest shelf life offered by My Patriot Supply is 25 years, while Numanna offers products with estimated 30 year shelf lives.
  • Variety: Both companies offer a variety of different options, including freeze dried fruits and vegetables, entrees like macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and soups, grains such as quinoa and wheat berries as well as legumes such as pinto beans. While My Patriot Supply offers a few more products than Numanna in some categories (like grains), Numanna has more overall product variety than My Patriot Supply in every category.
  • Price: Prices largely depend on the size of your order but in general, Numanna is slightly cheaper than My Patriot Supply. However, if you’re looking for bulk purchases (50+ meals worth) then you will save more money ordering from My Patriot Supply.
  • Shipping: Both companies have standard shipping options but there are differences in terms of delivery speeds depending on your location. For example, with express shipping My Patriot Supply can typically deliver orders within 2-3 business days while Numanna can take 5-7 business days or longer depending on where you live.

Numanna vs My Patriot Supply Emergency Supplies

When it comes to emergency preparedness and survival supplies, Numanna and My Patriot Supply are leading the way as two of the top suppliers in the United States. Both companies offer a diverse range of quality products at competitive prices, making them perfect for individuals and families looking to be prepared for whatever disaster may come their way.

Numanna's vast catalog of products includes freeze-dried meals, medical items, hygiene essentials, water filtration systems, first aid kits and other emergency tools. They are especially known for their low-sodium freeze-dried food with vitamins added back to retain taste and nutrition. Their long-term kits offer assurance that you will never be without an emergency supply in your home.

My Patriot Supply also offers an array of emergency goods including MRE packages with entrees such as chili macaroni and beef stew as well as an assortment of evacuation backpacks filled with necessary emergency items like flashlights and tents. Unlike Numanna's kits, many of My Patriot Supply's goods can be purchased individually or in larger packs for larger groups or special events.

Both Numanna and My Patriot Supply know that emergencies don’t always happen when most consumer goods are accessible. That’s why both companies have designed a selection of their products suitable for long periods under any circumstance; including extended survival camping trips or potential disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes that may result in a temporary lack of access to basic resources and supplies.

No matter which supplier you choose, it is important to make sure that you have a reliable solution that meets your needs whether it is short-term or long-term when it comes to preparing yourself and your family for any potential crisis situations.

Numanna vs My Patriot Supply Pricing

When it comes to seeking out affordable and quality food storage products, both Numanna and My Patriot Supply have established themselves as reliable sources. Although many of the same items are available on both sites, there can be quite a difference in pricing. Regarding the current cost comparison between Numanna and My Patriot Supply, below are a few examples:

  • Numanna:
    • 1 Month Emergency Food Supply – $333.00
    • 2 Week Survival Kit -$150.00
    • 60 Servings of Freeze Dried Fruit -$37.99
  • My Patriot Supply:
    • 1 Month Emergency Food Supply – $459.99
    • 2 Week Survival Kit – $159.99
    • 60 Servings of Freeze Dried Fruit – $40.99

From the comparison above it can be seen that while some prices are very similar, others can vary dramatically depending on the site you purchase from—making price comparison between Numanna and My Patriot Supply very important before making a purchase decision. Of course with any online order, it's essential to read descriptions thoroughly and review all policies before purchasing to ensure you get what you’re looking for at the best possible price!

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a great way to compare different brands. As far as Numanna vs. My Patriot Supply are concerned, there are a wide range of opinions from customers who have used the products from both sellers. In this section, we will go over some of the customer reviews for both brands, so you can compare and make the best decision for yourself.

Numanna Customer Reviews

Numanna prides itself on providing the highest quality products and excellent customer service. Our customers constantly provide excellent feedback and reviews that help us continue to improve our business. We are proud to share the experiences our customers have had with Numanna gluten-free products. You can read some of our most recent customer reviews below.

Numanna customers have provided feedback across a variety of platforms including product pages, Facebook, Google Reviews, Yelp, and Amazon. Our customers consistently report positive experiences with their purchases from Numanna and love how easy it is to order from us! From gluten-free baking mixes to specialty canned foods and condiments, Numanna has something for everyone. Read on for the customer reviews that show just how much people love their orders from us!

My Patriot Supply Customer Reviews

My Patriot Supply has earned numerous positive reviews from its customers for offering high quality products at an affordable price. The mission of My Patriot Supply is to help people prepare for any eventuality with quality food storage and emergency supplies, which they have achieved through various customer testimonials.

Customers have praised the company’s commitment to providing reliable supplies, excellent customer service, and timely delivery of products. They also appreciate the fact that My Patriot Supply offers a selection of affordable packages that suit different needs and budgets. Additionally, customers have complimented the company’s ability to customize their packages depending on the size of their family or particular preferences.

Many reviewers comment on how easy it is to navigate My Patriot Supply's online store. They comment on how they like being able to select items quickly and securely via their online checkout process. Furthermore, the user-friendly website has made it easy for customers to track shipments and order updates, which ensures a smooth shopping experience from start to finish.

Overall, customers have been very satisfied with their purchases from My Patriot Supply and look forward to purchasing more in the future!


After comparing Numanna and My Patriot Supply, it's clear that both companies have their pros and cons. It comes down to what you need for your specific situation.

  • Numanna is a great choice if you're looking for a wide selection of shelf-stable food products,
  • My Patriot Supply is a great choice if you're looking for more specialized meal plans and shorter delivery times.

Ultimately, it's up to you to choose the company that best meets your needs.

Pros and Cons of Numanna and My Patriot Supply

Numanna and My Patriot Supply are both food storage companies that offer a selection of long-term storage foods. Both companies offer products made from high-quality ingredients that are processed for optimal shelf life, allowing for extended storage periods.

Numanna is an economical choice with many of its products offering a 25 year shelf life. They also partner with other companies to provide discounts on additional supplies such as water and energy bars. However, the selection is somewhat limited and they do not offer any type of subscription services like My Patriot Supply does.

My Patriot Supply has a more expansive selection of products including all types of freeze dried, canned and pouched meals along with survival gear, essential oils, herbal remedies and more. They offer subscription services with automatic shipments as well as discounts on bulk purchases. The downside to this option is the higher cost associated with these items compared to Numanna’s offerings.

In evaluating both companies it’s important to consider your specific needs when deciding which one will work best for you. Depending on the scale of your food storage efforts, either company could be an appropriate choice for long-term storage solutions.