My Patriot Supply Reviews – Evaluating the Service, Order Packing and Delivery Times

For those who are looking to survive off-grid and be self-sustaining in the face of a pandemic or natural disaster, My Patriot Supply is a great option. The company offers survival foods and water filtration systems that will provide emergency protection for you and your family if the worst happens.

But before making your purchase, it's important to get an honest review of the company. Here, we'll look at what customers have had to say about their experience with My Patriot Supply, from the service they received to the packing and delivery times.

Customer Reviews

The majority of reviews on the web for My Patriot Supply are positive. Customers report that the customer service team is helpful and knowledgeable, willing to go the extra mile to make sure orders are fulfilled. One customer said that they were pleased with the personal attention they received when ordering a specialty item.

Customers also praised the quality of the products they purchased. Many commented that the food tasted good and was well packaged and easy to prepare. Some even said that the water filters worked better than expected, providing clean drinking water even in areas where contaminants were present.

Order Packing and Delivery Times

Another area where My Patriot Supply shines is its order packing and delivery times. Orders are typically packed and shipped within 24 hours, meaning customers don't have to wait long for their items to arrive. Most customers reported receiving their orders within two days, which is impressive considering the complexity of some orders.

When it comes to packing, customers generally expressed satisfaction with how their items were packed. The company uses double-box packaging for fragile items such as water filters, and all items arrive in good condition. This ensures that items reach their destination safely, without any damage.

Returns Policy

Despite its excellent customer service and order packing, My Patriot Supply does not have a returns policy. If you're unhappy with your purchase or need to send something back, you'll need to contact customer service directly. They may be able to arrange a refund or exchange but this isn't guaranteed. As such, it's important to ensure you're happy with your purchase before committing to a buy.

Overall, My Patriot Supply has earned high marks from its customers. People have reported positive experiences with customer service, the quality of the products, the order packing and delivery times. However, it's important to note that there is no returns policy in place, so it's best to ensure you're happy with your purchase before buying.