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My Patriot Supply’s 72 Hour Kit – Be Prepared for Anything!

A my patriot supply 72 hour kit is an essential piece of emergency gear for the outdoors. This type of gear includes basic items that one would need in the event of an emergency or disaster, such as food, water, clothing and shelter. It is designed to provide enough supplies to last up to 72 hours in a survival situation.

In this article, we will discuss

  • what a 72 hour kit is,
  • the items it should have, and
  • why it is important.

What is a 72-Hour Kit?

A 72-hour kit is an essential preparedness item designed to provide the basic necessities of life in the event of an emergency, disaster or evacuation. This type of kit is usually portable and compact, so it can easily be stored away until needed. The contents of a 72-hour kit are typically tailored to each individual’s needs but typically include items such as food, water, shelter, lighting, first aid supplies, and other potentially necessary items.

These kits are important for several reasons; they ensure that you have the essentials to survive three days in any given situation. Having access to these supplies in case of an emergency makes it much easier and faster to get back on your feet after a disaster. Additionally, having these kits prepared ahead of time allows for greater peace of mind since an evacuation or disaster can occur at any time or with very little warning.

Some people opt to buy an all-in-one preassembled 72-hour kit from companies like My Patriot Supply while others prefer to build their own customized version with handpicked contents specific to their individual needs.

No matter which option you choose, having a reliable 72-hour kit is invaluable during any emergency situation. By building your own custom version or purchasing one from My Patriot Supply, you can be assured that you will have all the important resources needed in order to get through difficult times and put yourself back on your feet quickly afterward.

Why You Need a 72-Hour Kit

A 72-hour kit is essential for any household to be prepared in the event of an emergency. It contains the food, water, and necessities that an individual or family needs to survive in their home for up to three days. Basic items like bottled water, nonperishable food, flashlights and batteries are essential in preparing a 72-hour kit. Families should assess their needs based on the number and ages of individuals in the house.

Having a 72-hour kit easily accessible helps residents respond quickly when faced with unexpected events such as a natural disaster or large-scale power outage. During these times, it’s important to have resources at your fingertips rather than relying on others for help especially if basic items can’t be found either due to lack of supply or transportation issues. Such a situation may call for gathering up essentials and evacuating quickly so having a well stocked 72-hour kit readily available can provide necessary peace of mind during unforeseen circumstances.

In addition, keeping supplies like first aid materials (antiseptic wipes and bandages), clothes, sanitation items (toilet paper) and medication are essential when faced with an unforeseen disaster. Being prepared ensures that individuals don’t end up without basic supplies that are necessary for survival during tough times. The flexibility provided by having a well equipped 72 hour kit allows people to adjust appropriately when faced with unexpected events such as hurricane speed winds or heavy flooding falls into their area of residence making them unable to restock before any drastic news comes along life alerting them of safe areas they must evacuate too should they not be able to remain in place until help arrives.

Essential Contents of a 72-Hour Kit

A 72-hour kit is a collection of essential supplies that is intended to help you survive for three days in an emergency situation. It is important to include essential supplies that are necessary for survival such as food, water, shelter, and clothing.

In addition to these emergency supplies, it is also important to consider the other items you may need in order to be comfortable and survive. In this article, we will go over the essential contents of a 72-Hour kit:


Water is an essential and critical component of any 72-Hour Kit. Without it, dehydration will occur. Many areas across the United States are prone to natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. Having clean water on hand is crucial in the event of a disaster.

Your 72-Hour Kit should include a minimum of one gallon of water per person per day, enough water to last each person three days (hence the name “72-Hour Kit”). It is recommended to stock two gallons per person per day for optimal hydration needs, with more for high-activity activities.

For long term storage water can be purchased in commercially bottled water that has not expired or from your local grocery store in gallon containers. However, if you plan on storing large amounts (say five or more gallons) be sure to check expiration dates. Also always store water away from direct sunlight and in temperatures below 72° F (22° C). Periodically inspect containers for leaks and rotate bottled waters as directed by manufacturer recommendations; usually about two years for stored non-treated/ non-cleaned tap water.

Another way to stock up on large amounts of stored water is by using 55-gallon drums with food grade plastic liners or treated buckets with sealed lids available at hardware supply companies or online stores specializing in emergency preparedness supplies. Capturing your own rainwater can be another great source for free storage with “rain barrels” although best practice is to boil all collected rainwater prior to drinking or cooking with it due to risk of contamination from bacteria, animal fecal matter and other hazardous materials that could be present in rainfall runoff during storms especially those affecting urban areas where chemical companies dump wastewater into nearby rivers and so forth scenarios factors arise post disaster event which affects watershed runoffs into streams feeding city reservoirs where Drinking Water originates.

With proper filtering techniques boiling or treating collected rainwater can provide reliable safe drinking source if prepped correctly given right resources needed if time allows prior an upcoming disaster event most especially when boiling or chemical treatments are not available boiling is then necessary procedure still required before using any collected rainwater sources otherwise will result possible infections leading potentially spreading disease if not prudent filtered staged properly thus extreme physical filtration must occur at least triple strainers provided removal solid debries followed by activated charcoal filters remove chemicals permanently while secondly context being reverse osmosis filters finishing off purification process before collecting aqua housing containers.


For a three-day emergency, food is one of the most important items to consider for your 72-hour kit. Dehydrated or freeze-dried meals require no refrigeration, provide a wide variety of tastes and offer up to 25 years of shelf life without spoilage or decrease in flavor or nutritional value. Examples of food products which should be included in your 72 hour kit are:

  • Energy Bars: High energy, long shelf life bars that provide optimal nutrition and hydration in one bar.
  • Meal Packets: Prepackaged and easy to prepare meal options such as soups, pastas and Vegetarian Stew.
  • Ready-To Eat Meals: Prepackaged meals that require no cooking – simply open and enjoy!
  • Emergency Water Pouches: Single serving pouches that offer a clean, tasteless drinking water with a five year Shelf Life.
  • Beef Jerky/Snack Packs: Delicious meat snacks with high protein content ideal for light weight emergency kits.


While dealing with any emergency situation it is important to be dressed appropriately and comfortably to ensure safety. When putting together a 72-hour kit, clothing must be included as an essential item. What types and how much clothing you should add to your 72-hour kit will depend on you and the environment you are living in.

Generally speaking, clothing that should be included in your 72-hour kit includes:

  • 2 shirts or tops (long or short sleeve)
  • 2 bottoms such as pants or skirts
  • Sturdy shoes or boots (also include any necessary socks)
  • Innerwear like underwear and undershirts
  • Outerwear such as a light jacket, rain gear, or hat
  • Clothing accessories like gloves, scarves, and beanies for warmth

Additionally, if you are living in a colder environment seasonally than it may be necessary to bring out additional items such as winter coats, thick jackets, snow pants etc. For hot climates its wise to pack lightweight clothes made of breathable fabrics like cotton. Ultimately the type of clothes that goes into your 72 hour kit should also be tailored to take into account the kind of activities one may face when dealing with an emergency situation.

First Aid Supplies

A basic first aid kit is an essential part of any 72-hour kit. This can include pre-packaged first aid kits you buy at stores, or a collection of items put together yourself.

Having a first aid kit with enough supplies for everyone in your 72-hour kit is important. Your first aid needs will depend on the size of your group, the potential hazards and what kind of medical assistance may be available to you in an emergency situation.

Basic supplies to include in your first aid kit are:

  • Bandages such as adhesive bandages, nerve endings for deep wounds and sponges for cleaning wounds
  • Antibiotic ointment and disinfectant, ideally packaged in individual packets
  • Gauze pads
  • Pain relievers such as Tylenol/paracetamol or ibuprofen/aspirin
  • Tweezers and scissors that can be used to remove splinters or ticks
  • Thermometer to measure temperature increases in febrile illnesses like influenza
  • An emergency blanket just incase someone must be kept warm while outside

It’s also important to have items necessary for any allergies or health conditions that members of your group might have: epinephrine pens for those with bee allergies; inhalers for asthma; insulin kits; medications like antacids and antidiarrheals; and oral rehydration solution packets designed specifically for people experiencing dehydration due to diarrhea or vomiting.


Preparedness is essential for surviving in any emergency situation and having the right tools on hand, packed into your 72-hour kit, will make life a lot easier. This type of kit should contain everything you need to last for three days in an emergency situation. Here are some suggested items:


  • Multi-tool: A multi-tool is one of the most important items you can bring with you. It includes pliers and scissors, plus other essential tools that can come in handy during an emergency.
  • Multi-use pocket knife or Swiss Army Knife: A pocket knife is an all-in-one toolkit and should be included in your survival pack. You’ll be able to chop wood, open cans, file rods to make fishing hooks, tie fishing lines etc., with a small pocket knife or Swiss Army Knife.
  • Emergency whistle: Storing multiple whistles in your survival kit will make it easier for you to signal for help if needed. An emergency whistle should have a loud sound that can travel long distances even under water if necessary.
  • Screwdriver set: Having a screwdriver set handy will come in handy when repairing things around the house or even outdoors camping trips. Look for a set that contains Phillips and flathead screwdrivers so that you’re not stuck without being able to repair something when needed.
  • Flashlight/headlamp: Being able to see whatever is going on around you can be essential especially when exploring unfamiliar territory at night or looking into dark places such as caves or tunnels where visibility may be limited at best.

Emergency Supplies

A 72-hour emergency kit contains essential items that can help you survive in an disaster or emergency situation for up to three days. The contents buy time and provide assistance for you and your family in the event of a natural disaster like an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, or other emergency. Every member of your family needs their own kit with the supplies they will need.

Emergency Supplies

Include the following items in each 72-hour kit:

  • First aid: bandages, antiseptic wipes/creams, gauze pads, tweezers, scissors
  • Emergency tools: fixed blade knife or multi tool with screwdriver/pliers/saw blade
  • Lighting: hand crank flashlight, candles and wicks
  • Communication: whistle and signal mirror
  • PPE: facemasks & disposable gloves
  • H2O Purification system: tablet water purification OR pumps with ceramic filters OR water filter bottles
  • Food & Shelter Supplies: protein bars & energy snacks; blankets and tarps; rain poncho & garbage bags.
  • Tools for sanitation & sanitation supplies – hand sanitizer wipes & devices such as toilet seat covers & baby wipes.

My Patriot Supply 72-Hour Kit

Having an emergency preparedness kit is an important part of managing a home or business during a disaster. My Patriot Supply 72-Hour Kit is designed to help you and your family survive for up to three days in the event of a power outage, natural disaster, or other emergency. This kit is packed with essential supplies, including food, water, first aid, and other items that can help you stay safe and comfortable while you wait out the crisis.

In this article, we will discuss the details of this comprehensive survival kit and how it can help you in an emergency:

Overview of the Kit

A 72-hour kit is widely recognized as an essential item for any emergency preparedness plan. My Patriot Supply's 72-hour kits are designed to offer superior quality, long-term food storage, providing peace of mind should you face a short-term crisis.

My Patriot Supply's 72-Hour Kit contains great tasting types of nutritious food packaged in convenient, foil pouches to ensure freshness. Additionally, the kit includes water purification tablets and a stove to boil the included drinking pouches or your own water source for safety.

The foods received in My Patriot Supply's Kits are regularly rotated and tested for optimal freshness. All meals are prepared with no preservatives and grouped into 16 meal boxes in an easy-to-store shipping carton measuring 12″ x 12″ x 11″. The shelf life of the meals have been tested to last at least 25 years when stored properly in a cool and dry environment. The nutritional value of each meal is also preserved while keeping all flavors intact without artificial colors or flavors added during their manufacture.

Each of My Patriot Supply’s Kit includes:

  • 120 Servings Premium Long Term Food Supply
  • Water Purification Tablets (30 tablets)
  • 1 Stove ( with fuel )
  • 4 Camp Chairs (optional)
  • 4 BackPacks (optional)
  • Bonus items include: 1 Flashlight; 2 AAA Batteries; 1 Bottle LED Lantern; 1 First Aid Kit

Contents of the Kit

My Patriot Supply 72-Hour Kit is an all-in-one emergency preparedness kit that provides the essential items to sustain an individual for 72 hours during a natural disaster or other emergency situation. This comprehensive kit includes the following items to help you weather any storm:

  • Food & Water:
    • 6 Entrees of ReadyWise™ freeze dried food in a waterproof pail
    • 6 servings of US Coast Guard approved water rations – 4.225 oz each
    • Purification Kit with chemical tablets and a filter straw
  • Light Source:
    • Two 628 Lumens LED Flashlights1 pack of batteries included
  • Protective Gear:
    • Emergency First Aid kit containing a wide array of medical products and supplies for critical or minor injuries
  • Hygiene Essentials:
    • Anti Bacterial Wipes, Sanitary Napkin and Toilet Paper Roll
  • Tools & Other Accessories:
    • Multi Use pocket Knife and Multi Tool Pliers, Emergency Solar Blanket, 5 N95 Dust Masks, Emergency Poncho, Whistle, Solar Charger/Radio/Flashlight and Bracelet.

Benefits of My Patriot Supply 72-Hour Kit

A My Patriot Supply 72-Hour Kit is an essential item for any emergency preparedness plan. This kit contains essential supplies such as food, water, first-aid supplies, and tools, all in a convenient, durable container. It provides peace of mind knowing that you have supplies to last you and your family up to 72 hours in a disaster situation.

Let's take a closer look at all the benefits of the My Patriot Supply 72-Hour Kit:

Quality Materials

My Patriot Supply's 72-Hour Kit makes it easier than ever to prep for an emergency or just keep essential supplies on hand. Each kit is designed with quality materials and packed full of essential items to ensure you can handle any emergency.

My Patriot Supply's 72-Hour Kit features a variety of high-caliber materials proven to withstand extreme conditions while keeping your emergency needs covered. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from this emergency preparedness kit:

  • Durable construction – Premium, triple-layered nylon fabric makes it water-proof and weatherproof, so it can guard against corrosion and UV rays.
  • Reusable design – Even after being used multiple times, the flexible plastic storage trays are built with nonporous stainless steel walls that prevent damage from liquids and odors.
  • Stay supplied – An ample selection of reliable items, such as energy bars, chemical light sticks, antacids, waterproof matches and a whistle, to meet your basic needs in case of an emergency.
  • All in one package – Its lightweight design makes this pack portable and easy to store anywhere in the home. The integrated zippered pouch allows for quick access to all its contents without spilling out or becoming unorganized during transportation.

Comprehensive Kit

My Patriot Supply 72-Hour Kit helps you to prepare for any emergency situation. This comprehensive kit includes basic essentials that you may need if disaster strikes or during an evacuation. The kit includes all the necessary items such as a flashlight, water filtration system, basic first aid supplies and even a couple of ready-to-eat meals! With this comprehensive kit, you will be able to quickly respond to an emergency situation with ease and confidence.

The included items help ensure that you have everything necessary to stay safe and remain healthy in the event of natural disasters, community destruction or military threats. This 72-hour kit also provides vital components for trauma management including a triangular bandage sling for broken bones, essential medications and general supplies such as baking soda for quick fire prevention when needed. Additionally, the food rations provide critical energy sources that can help save lives during long stretches of inactivity due to a shortage of other calories or nutrients from usual food supply chains.

The My Patriot Supply 72-Hour Kit is designed with two primary goals in mind – helping its users survive short term survival scenarios along with providing adequate nutrition for longer term emergencies should they arise. With it’s lightweight design and easy portability, this handy survival gear can be stored almost anywhere without taking up much room which makes it perfect for everyone no matter your emergency preparedness level!

Easy to Assemble

A My Patriot Supply 72-Hour Kit is a pre-assembled kit full of essential items you need to have in the event of an emergency. It provides you with enough supplies to sustain a family of four for at least three days.

The kit comes with many useful items such as:

  • Food
  • Water
  • First-aid supplies
  • Hygiene products
  • Alternative cooking fuel sources

All components are tailored to meet your specific needs in the event of any type of disaster.

The My Patriot Supply 72-Hour Kit is designed for easy assembly and storage. For convenience, all components are divided into easy to carry backpacks that feature adjustable straps and ergonomic construction for long wear capability. All ingredients come vacuum packed for maximum freshness and prolonged shelf life if stored correctly. Many meals include no mess preparation that requires only boiling water or your personal alternative heat source – making mealtime fast and fuss-free during an emergency situation.


After looking at the features of the My Patriot Supply 72-Hour Kit, it is easy to see why it is a popular option for those looking for an emergency preparedness kit. This kit is designed for two adults and comes with a wide variety of items that will help you survive in the event of an emergency. The items are well-organized, so you can quickly access them when needed, and it is lightweight and easy to carry.

Now that you know more about this kit, let's go into the conclusion of this article.

Summary of My Patriot Supply 72-Hour Kit

The My Patriot Supply 72-Hour Kit is an excellent choice for any emergency preparedness plan. This comprehensive kit contains enough food, water and other supplies to sustain two adults for 72 hours in the event of a disaster. In addition, the kit includes first aid items and basic city sanitation supplies to make sure that you have everything you need should you be forced to live off the grid for an extended period of time.

The kit features shelf-stable meals that are designed to keep for months without refrigeration, as well as personal defense items for added safety. Furthermore, the source of all of the included components has been carefully chosen to ensure quality and effectiveness.

The My Patriot Supply 72-Hour Kit is a great option for anyone looking to be prepared during times of crisis.

Why You Should Get a 72-Hour Kit

A 72-hour kit or bug-out bag is an item of personal preparedness which provides the necessary items that a person or family needs to survive for three days. These kits do not take up much room, and they can be stored in the home, a vehicle, place of work, etc. Having a 72-hour kit is important because – even though you may be unprepared for an emergency situation in terms of food and water – you could easily be made ready with one.

The components of a 72-hour kit can vary but typically include basic items like food, water and shelter like My Patriot Supply's 3 Day Patriot Kit™ – it contains everything you need to help your family eat and stay warm during those first 3 days following an emergency event:

  • Enough food supplies for 12 meals
  • Three camping blankets
  • Two sleeping bags
  • One solar & hand crank weather radio
  • 20 hour candle
  • Three survival whistles
  • First aid kit
  • Three water packs

Having these items pre-assembled in one pack means that you don't have to worry about gathering them all individually – they will all be readily available to help you face any upcoming emergency event. Additionally, having some simple tools at the ready allows you to focus on other more pressing matters during those three days after an emergency event – like finding clean water or reconnecting with family members. Finally, because these items are meant for short term use only, it makes it easier for you to replace them when needed as compared to long term storage supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What items are included in the my patriot supply 72 hour kit?
A: The my patriot supply 72 hour kit includes a 27-serving bucket of food, a 4-person tent, 4 blankets, 4 emergency ponchos, 4 emergency survival sleeping bags, 4 12-hour light sticks, 50 water purification tablets, 4 survival whistles, 4 dust masks, 4 rolls of duct tape, 4 pair of work gloves, 4 mylar thermal blankets, and 4 N95 respirator masks.

Q: How long will the food last in my patriot supply 72 hour kit?
A: The 27-serving bucket of food in the my patriot supply 72 hour kit will last 72 hours for 4 people.

Q: How much does the my patriot supply 72 hour kit weigh?
A: The my patriot supply 72 hour kit weighs approximately 20 pounds.

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