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My Patriot Supply is an online store that offers survival-based products aimed to help people face difficult situations such as natural disasters, economic collapse and political unrest. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality products to ensure their safety and security. We offer products such as freeze dry food, water filters, tactical gear and much more.

In this heading, we will discuss the advantages of buying from My Patriot Supply and why you should be a prepared individual in case of an emergency.

Overview of my patriot supply

My Patriot Supply is an American-owned and -operated food storage supplier based in Morgan, Utah. Their mission is to provide high quality emergency supplies to help you protect your family in a time of crisis. They strive to provide products that will help you in any type of emergency or natural disaster as well as everyday emergencies like winter power outages.

At My Patriot Supply, they believe that it is their patriotic duty to keep families safe and healthy in the event of a disaster. Their products are designed to help people prepare for any type of emergency—everything from three day food kits and long-term emergency food storage buckets, to auto safety kits, water filters, fire starter packs and everything else you need for preparedness. They offer high quality products at resonable priced and their helpful customer service staff will work with you every step of the way to find the best product for your needs.

Whether you’re looking for basic prepping supplies or an extensive home supply stockpile—My Patriot Supply has something for everyone’s needs! Browse through their selection today and get prepared ahead of time so that you're ready when an emergency strikes!

Benefits of my patriot supply

My Patriot Supply is a leading provider of emergency preparedness and supplies for disaster response organizations, families and businesses. We provide an extensive selection of food storage and emergency supplies to help you be prepared for any type of disaster.

There are many benefits to having My Patriot Supply as your supplier for emergency preparedness. Our products are carefully selected to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality food storage options available today. Our food is manufactured in the USA, with no MSG or preservatives and meets the highest industry standards for nutrient content. With our selection of long term food storage buckets ranging from one month up to a full year, you can find the right solution for your family’s needs. Our variety packs provide great tasting meals in a full range of flavors such as chili macaroni, breakfast skillet and fettuccine alfredo, just to name a few!

In addition to our selection of delicious entrees, My Patriot Supply also carries carefully selected items such as water the Jugs™ filtration systems, first aid kits, blankets and seasonings to help make your meal preparation easier and more enjoyable. We realize that when it comes to long term food storage solutions, tastes vary widely from family member to family member. To ensure everyone is happy with their meals, My Patriot Supply offers samples packs so you can try different menu items before selecting which meal plan works best for your family or business. With our comprehensive selection and satisfying customer service experience you will find exactly what you need at My Patriot Supply – have it shipped directly to your door!


My Patriot Supply offers a wide range of survival gear and supplies that can help you prepare for any emergency or disaster situation. From water filters, freeze-dried food, emergency shelter, and portable water storage, they have everything you need to keep you and your family safe. They also have a selection of medical supplies and weapons accessories.

Let's take a closer look at the products they offer:

Survival food kits

Whether you are looking to prepare in advance for a natural disaster, emergency power outage or just to stock up on convenience items, my patriot supply has the right products for you. Our survival food kits are designed to provide you with several months' worth of nutritious and delicious food that is easy to store and ready when called upon.

Our “Just In Case” food kit contains enough freeze-dried and dehydrated meals, breakfast foods, and snacks to feed 1 person for 4 weeks. All of our products are non-perishable so they can be stored safely without refrigeration. Plus, we guarantee that the food will stay fresh for 25 years!

If you need more than one kit or want to feed a larger family, our “Year's Supply” pack contains enough meals to provide 1 person with a 1-year supply if necessary. With this option, you have the freedom of choosing your own combinations of fruits, vegetables, meats, rice dishes and more!

No matter which option you choose, all of our products are made from high-quality ingredients sourced from the USA and are specifically designed to provide maximum nutrition during an extended emergency situation. Whether you’re preparing ahead for potential hard times or just stocking up on convenience items for everyday use – my patriot supply has the perfect kit for your needs!

Water filters

When considering water filtration products, there are several factors to consider – the type of filter, the size of the filter and the performance of the filter. With water filters, you need to consider what type of contaminants will be removed as well as your flow rate requirements. My Patriot Supply carries a variety of products that offer superior protection against a wide range of contaminants, while providing high flow rates so you get more clean, filtered water faster.

We have three different types of water filtration systems: gravity-fed filters, pump action filters and inline filters. Our gravity-fed filters allow for easy assembly and can easily be mounted directly onto a kitchen faucet or bathroom sink. Pump action models require a reservoir filled with water before use and can be used in situations where there isn’t an existing faucet or outlet nearby. The inline filter option is installed directly into the piping system for convenience and simple use each time you turn on a tap or showerhead.

We also carry several sizes in our filtration product line-up ranging from 0.2 microns (for general everyday dirt particles) all the way up to 4 microns (designed for removing bacteria, chlorine and other contaminants). My Patriot Supply also carries ceramic filters that can remove many dangerous viruses from drinking water while still producing an acceptable flow rate with minimum pressure loss; perfect for using when camping or hiking! All our filters exceed EPA standards for drinking water filtration and are tested by independent labs to ensure efficacy against the wide range of organic, chemical, heavy metal and other unwanted materials found in many types of contaminated waters – making them perfect for just about any purification requirement!

Solar generators

Solar generators are a smart and efficient way to provide power to homes, RV’s, businesses, outdoor events and more. These systems harness the sun’s energy and convert it into AC electricity. SolarGenerators use powerful solar panels installed on rooftops or mounted in remote locations. This allows for the capture of energy from multiple angles, giving you power where and when you need it.

SolarGenerators are popular among consumers due to their quiet operation and low maintenance needs – no fuel or cost of operation needed. All have standard AC outlets as well as DC outputs for connecting with electronic devices or charging batteries. Many models come with a complete off-grid system that can easily expand to meet your growing needs – from small home back-up systems up to larger commercial products. In addition, some SolarGenerator models utilize a feature called “synthetic utility grid” mode which gives them access to regular utility grid power when necessary – thus allowing users to transfer between solar generated energy and traditional sources depending on availability and cost efficiency at any given time.

Emergency shelters

Our emergency shelters are designed to give you and your family a safe and secure place in the event of any disaster. We offer an extensive range of shelters from basic camping tents with ample living space for family camping trips, to reinforced military grade shelters for more extreme events.

The tents are lightweight and portable, making them perfect for natural disaster preparation. Most are designed to be easily assembled, often with no tools needed, so you’ll be able to get setup quickly.

Our reinforced military grade shelters feature heavy duty steel frames and reinforced walls and eaves. These structures can withstand up to 200mph winds, providing you with a safe and secure place to weather any conditions, while also giving you comfort in knowing that your loved ones are safe inside it.

We also provide other types of emergency shelter equipment such as water filter systems and solar power generators so you’ll always have a reliable source of power during any crisis or disaster situation. We have the products available now to make sure that you have the supplies necessary for any emergency shelter needs that may arise.


My Patriot Supply is an online retailer that specializes in emergency preparedness gear. They offer a wide range of items from basic emergency food kits to long-term food supply plans, tactical gear, medical supplies, and much more.

Reviews for My Patriot Supply are overwhelmingly positive, with customers praising the quality of the products, customer service, and overall value for money. Let's take a closer look at the reviews to see why My Patriot Supply is so popular.

Customer reviews

My patriot supply provides customers with a range of survival and prepping supplies, from food kits to cleaning supplies. After placing an order, customers can leave a review about their experience shopping with us. This feedback is incredibly helpful to other customers considering doing business with us, and we always appreciate our customer reviews.

Below you will be able to read some of the reviews that our satisfied customers have left for us. Scroll through and learn more about the kinds of products and services My Patriot Supply provides, as well as what our customers are saying about their experiences with us:

  • “My Patriot Supply offers incredible value for money items. I bought all the items I needed for my 30-day backup plan in one package – A great deal! Highly recommend!”
  • “Just wanted to thank My Patriot Supply for their quick shipping and excellent products! I just put my supply kit together, so now I'm ready in case of any emergency or disaster! You guys are awesome!”
  • “I was skeptical at first but decided to give them a try after reading all the good reviews about My Patriot Supply. Needless to say, this company does not disappoint! I am super pleased with the quality of their product line.”

Expert reviews

At My Patriot Supply, we understand that there’s a lot at stake when it comes to stocking up with the right kinds of supplies for yourself, your family, and your community in case of a disaster. That’s why we take customer feedback and criticisms seriously. Our goal is to make sure your experience with us is nothing but the best in terms of product quality, price point, customer service and overall satisfaction.

To ensure this promise gets met, we turn to our esteemed experts from both inside and outside the company depending on their respective areas of expertise. We also bring in end-users from all walks of life who can provide a wide range of perspectives on how well each product works under various conditions. Their reviews then get published here allowing you to easily compare different reviews before making a purchase decision yourself.

Our expert reviews include:

  • Detailed product assessments – Each evaluation includes an in-depth look at factors such as design considerations, main features & functionality tested/observed under various conditions as relevant.
  • Functional analysis – Where applicable, an assessment or analysis focused on practical usefulness is also included to help you decide whether or not the product is right for you & your needs.
  • Overall value consideration – A complete cost/benefit analysis providing insight into whether the particular item provides sufficient returns considering its respective pricing followed by potential recommendations for related items if needed.


With My Patriot Supply, you can purchase emergency supplies at an affordable price. Whether it's long-term food storage, emergency water filtration systems, or other survival gear, My Patriot Supply offers a wide range of products to help you stay prepared for any situation.

In this section, we'll look at the pricing of each item, as well as any discounts that may be available.

Price comparison

When you’re looking for food storage options, it pays to compare prices. Every family’s budget and needs are different, so no one size fits all solution exists when it comes to buying meals and supplies. But My Patriot Supply has excellent pricing that ensures you’re getting the best quality products at the best possible price. Here is a summary of our competitive prices:

  • Emergency Food Supplies: We offer several packages of emergency meals in various sizes depending on your individual needs. Our smallest package offers a 1-month supply with enough food to make 420 servings, while our largest packages can provide up to six months or more worth of meals.
  • Survival Gear: We strive to make sure that all of our survival gear is priced well under the competition, while still providing top-of-the-line products. All of our survival gear is tried and tested by seasoned experts in order to ensure our customers have peace of mind when purchasing items from us.
  • Long Term Food Storage: Our MyPatriotFoods long term food storage options remain competitively priced when compared with other brands offering similar products, but without compromising on quality or taste. Our packages are designed for flexibility so you can customize them for your specific needs depending on the size of your family and any dietary restrictions they may have.

At My Patriot Supply, we also offer several promotions such as 10% off any purchase – $99 or more and free shipping on orders over $99 (excluding items with additional fees) to further maximize the amount you save when ordering from us!

Special offers

At My Patriot Supply, we understand the importance of saving money without sacrificing the quality products you need to prepare and protect your family. That’s why we provide special offers and discounts on all our products.

Here are some of our current special offers:

  • Subscribe and Save: Get up to 10% off select items when you sign up for recurring delivery every month or quarter.
  • Military Discount: Active, retired or reserve military personnel receive 15% off orders placed with My Patriot Supply.
  • Bulk Order Discount: Buy multiple cases of food or water to receive an even deeper discount.
  • Referral Program: Receive a $10 voucher for telling friends about us!
  • Special Deals Zone: Check out this page regularly for current discounts on select items.
  • Free Shipping: Orders over $50 (excluding tax) are shipped free within the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii with no additional charges!


When it comes to shipping, My Patriot Supply provides both domestic and international shipping options. Customers can select either standard or express shipping, with the latter giving priority to orders and ensuring they arrive quickly. My Patriot Supply partners with only the best and most reliable shipping partners to make sure orders are delivered on time.

Furthermore, they offer free shipping when you order $130 or more. Let's go over some more details about their shipping policy.

Shipping options

At my patriot supply, we offer multiple shipping options to our customers for convenience and cost effectiveness. Standard shipping rates are based on the total order amount (domestic orders). With every domestic shipment, you will receive a tracking number with your order along with estimated delivery dates.

For international orders, contact us for an accurate quote as costs tend to vary by country. All our shipments offer insurance coverage at no extra cost and each package is packed securely with recyclable material.

We offer three standard shipping options that you can choose from upon checkout:

  • Ground Shipping – All ground items are shipped by either USPS or FedEx based on the carrier’s policies and rates. Delivery time depends on the state you live in but is generally between two to five business days. Deliveries within 48 contiguous states can also be eligible for 2-day Express Shipping or Overnight delivery if needed.
  • International Shipping – We accept international orders and offer larger discounted rates when shipping to several countries outside the United States. For an accurate rate quote, please select “International” in your country section at checkout with your complete address details including postal/zip code provided. Items may take up to 14 days or longer depending on customs processing times (varies from country to country). Please note that different countries have different tariff levels which may not be covered by us thus requiring additional custom fees/taxes upon delivery of your package (if applicable).
  • APO/FPO/DPO Address – If you are military personnel serving overseas or anywhere outside US territorial jurisdiction, we do accept APO/FPO/DPO mailing addresses for all shipments – all shipments require airmail services only so please contact us prior purchasing from my Patriot Supply if receiving apo/fpo items outside the US 48 contiguous states as express solutions are usually not available in those circumstances due to certain regulations set forth by U S Postal Services across all branches of military personnel –please also be aware that transit times may also take longer than usual due delays both domestically and internationally where available per jurisdiction & title regulations set forth within each chapter of service regulations likewise given just as mentioned above…

Delivery times

At My Patriot Supply, we are committed to providing the highest quality of service and getting your order in your hands as quickly as possible.

For orders shipped within the United States, we offer a variety of shipping choices with expected delivery times as follows:

  • Standard Shipping: Estimated to arrive within 7-10 business days*
  • UPS 3 Day Select: Shipments leave our warehouse on any weekday (Monday – Friday) and delivered to customers within 3 business days*
  • UPS 2nd Day Air: Shipments leave our warehouse on any weekday (Monday – Friday) and delivered to customers within 2 business days*
  • UPS Next Day Air Saver: If you place your order by noon EST on a weekday (Monday – Friday), it will be received by end of business day the following day*. Shipments placed over the weekend or on a holiday may require an additional day of processing. Please note that this option is not available in all areas, so please contact us at 1-866-229-0927 for more information.

Your shipping charges will be calculated based upon weight, size of box and zip code when you checkout. You will then see all applicable shipping choices before proceeding with payment. Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance with choosing an appropriate option for your order or if you live in an area we do not offer a particular service. Our team is happy to help!

*Subject to stock availability and credit authorization. Saturday delivery not available for some options listed above


Mypatriotsupply is a company dedicated to providing customers with quality resources for emergency situations. They focus on providing customers with the supplies and knowledge they need to remain prepared and safe during a disaster or emergency.

Whether you need advice on the best emergency kits for your family, or the most efficient ways to store your supplies, My Patriots Supply is committed to providing customers with the support they need.

Customer service

At My Patriot Supply, we are committed to providing top-level customer service and support. Our knowledgeable team of knowledgeable and experienced customer service professionals are available to answer your questions and help you find the right solutions for your needs.

Whether you need assistance with product selection, ordering and payment processes, or any other issues you may have along the way, our friendly staff is here to help. We strive to give each customer a personalized and satisfying experience that meets their unique needs.

Our customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday by phone or email to assist with inquiries such as order status updates, product information, returns/exchanges, warranty repair requests and more. Additionally, our helpful online FAQs are designed to address common questions about our company policies as well as product-specific inquiries.

We value each of our customers’ satisfaction and recognize that no two needs are alike – please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about our products or services!


Questions about using My Patriot Supply products are common, and we want to provide you with the answers. This FAQ is designed to answer some of the most popular questions as quickly and effectively as possible.

  1. Q: Is there an expiration date on your food storage?
    A: All My Patriot Supply products are labeled with a “Best Used By” date, so you are able to use the food before it reaches its full shelf-life. Please keep in mind that carbon dioxide is used in our cans to create a vacuum seal, so all cans must be stored in a cool, dry environment for best results.
  2. Q: Are your foods gluten free?
    A: Yes! All of our products are certified Gluten Free by the Non-GMO Project. We also have dedicated production lines for our Gluten Free products – meaning that all facets of production from ordering ten batches of ingredients to bottling and packaging is done separately from any product containing wheat or gluten-derived ingredients.
  3. Q: Do your canned or freeze dried goods contain preservatives?
    A: Never! Our canned goods are cooked using steam, the same process used by commercial canners everywhere. All freeze dried goods retain their healthy nutritional profile without needing any artificial preservatives or added sugar because they experience virtually no exposure to air or heat during the freeze-drying or packaging processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What products does My Patriot Supply offer?

A. My Patriot Supply offers a wide range of emergency food, water storage solutions, survival gear and first-aid kits.

Q. How long can I store the food purchased from My Patriot Supply?

A. All of the emergency food offered by My Patriot Supply can be safely stored for up to 25 years.

Q. How long does it take for My Patriot Supply to deliver?

A. My Patriot Supply typically delivers orders within 2-3 business days.