Moldova’s Prime Minister Resigns Amid Russian Pressure

Moldova’s Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita resigned on Friday, February 10th, amid intense Russian economic and political pressure and reports that a Russian missile had entered Moldova’s airspace.[0] Gavrilita, a staunch backer of Kyiv’s fight against Russia, announced her resignation at a press conference, saying that her government had not been given enough support from their European partners.[1]

Gavrilita's government, elected in the summer of 2021, was viewed as pro-Western and an ally of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Zelensky told EU leaders during a European summit in Brussels on Thursday that Ukraine had intercepted Russian plans to “destroy” Moldova.[2] The Moldovan Intelligence and Security Service issued a statement later that day declaring that they had been informed of Russian strategies to destabilize the nation.[3]

Moldova’s Foreign Ministry has since summoned the Russian ambassador in capital Chisinau for talks over the “unacceptable violation”.[2] Gavrilita has been replaced by Dorin Recean, a noted pro-EU figure and current national security adviser, who requires the approval of Moldova’s parliament for confirmation.[4] Recean, 48, is a former interior minister and senior aide.[5]

The government’s resignation comes after Moldova was granted candidate status to the European Union last June, but has faced intense pressure from Moscow, which has sought to undermine its authority.[6]

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