Miraculous Rescue of Baby After 128 Hours Trapped in Rubble

On Saturday, February 11th, 2023, a two-month-old baby was rescued from the rubble of a deadly earthquake in southern Turkey.[0] After 128 hours of being trapped in the collapsed building, the infant was taken to a hospital for medical checks. The number of deaths in Turkey rose to 29,605 on Sunday, while more than 4,500 people have died in Syria.[1]

Adnan Muhammet Korkut, a seven-year-old boy who was also rescued from the rubble, said he was asleep in his family’s home when the quake hit.[2] In order to survive, he drank his own urine and ate his family’s flowers.[2] To stay awake, Korkut set an alarm on his phone for every 25 minutes, but the battery went dead after two days.[3] He explained that he could hear voices, but was worried that they couldn’t hear him.[2]

The two earthquakes that struck the region on February 6th have caused a death toll of 28,000 and left thousands of survivors homeless.[4] Thousands of rescue workers are still searching through the flattened neighbourhoods despite freezing weather that has deepened the misery of millions.[5]

In light of these events, the UN aid chief Martin Griffiths has stated that he expects the death toll to at least double.[6] The public is being urged to help the millions in need of assistance and support the survivors.

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