Miracle Baby Rescued from Earthquake Rubble in Turkey

On Saturday, a two-month-old baby was rescued from earthquake rubble in southern Turkey after nearly 128 hours since the earthquake hit.[0] The baby was immediately taken to the hospital for medical checks, and the crowd present cheered and clapped in celebration of the infant’s miraculous survival.

The death toll in Turkey is currently at 29,605, with an additional 3,574 in Syria.[1] The United Nations aid chief Martin Griffiths said he expects the death toll to at least double.[1] Adnan Muhammet Korkut, a survivor, spoke via FaceTime from his hospital bed in Gaziantep, Turkey and recounted his experience being trapped in the rubble.[2] He said he drank his own urine and ate his family’s flowers to survive, and set the alarm on his phone for every 25 minutes to stay awake.[2]

Thousands of rescue personnel, both local and foreign, are still searching and helping the survivors despite freezing weather, while the survivors are begging on the streets for food and water.[3] The earthquakes have taken a heavy toll on the region, and the effects are still being felt today.

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