Minneapolis Implements One-Sided Parking Ban to Ease Snow Congestion

MINNEAPOL[0] — The City of Minneapolis has announced a one-sided street parking ban beginning Thursday, Jan. 26 at 9 p.m. in response to a much snowier-than-usual winter that has left some roads impassable to buses and emergency vehicles.[1] Parking will be allowed on the ODD side of streets designated as non-snow emergency routes. Parking is allowed on Snow Emergency routes, parkways and both sides of non-Snow Emergency routes, unless otherwise posted.

To facilitate the passage of emergency vehicles and school buses through congested streets, a single-sided parking plan is being implemented.[2] “Our streets are snow-packed and narrowing; however, St. Paul Public Works continues to closely monitor them and work to keep our arterial streets clear in the drive lanes and widen our residential streets to keep them safe and passible for emergency vehicles,” the city said in a news release Wednesday.[1]

In a prepared statement, Sean Kershaw, the St. Paul Public Works Director, declared that a citywide one-sided parking ban is not necessary at this time.[3] Our residential streets are being continually worked on to ensure safety and accessibility for emergency and school buses. The snow emergency declaration provided us with more room on the streets in many areas, however, it also revealed the presence of ice, creating difficulties for all forms of mobility on the roads.[4]

Tickets and towing will be used to enforce the parking restrictions.[3] Officials noted that snow emergencies may still be declared, even with the current restrictions in place.[5] If a snow emergency is declared, the regular old Snow Emergency rules go into effect and vehicles must be moved around for the three-day cycle.[6]

The City is also offering temporary downtown parking at no cost in the Mankato Place and civic center parking ramps, as well as in yards during a snow emergency.[7] Individuals with special mobility needs, such as those with disability parking zones in front of their residences, may be granted exceptions on an individual basis.[8] Call 311 for more information.[9]

The one-sided parking plan is in effect until April 1, the official end of Minnesota's snow season.[10] However, if weather conditions improve, the City may lift the restrictions sooner.[11]

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