Microsoft Rolling Out New AI-Powered Bing Version Based on GPT-4

Microsoft is pushing forward with its plans to integrate OpenAI’s ChatGPT into its Bing search engine, with a new and improved version based on GPT-4 rolling out in the coming weeks.[0] This could kick off a significant race to become the dominant player in the AI chatbot market, as Chinese tech firm Baidu is also reportedly developing an AI-powered chatbot, Bloomberg reports.[1]

Microsoft announced an event on February 7, during which it will “share progress on a few exciting projects.”[2] The event, first reported by The Verge, is likely to be about ChatGPT-related advances and how they are going to be an integral part of Microsoft products like Bing Search and the Office suite in the near future.[3]

The new Bing could potentially do research and handle tasks for people, according to leaked details.[4] Social media posts featuring pictures and information captured the new design, which could include a bigger search box meant for chatting rather than only for typing in search requests.[4]

With the introduction of AI-powered Bing, the search bar has transformed into a chat box, marking a major difference from the traditional web search engine.[5] This is much bigger in scope and encourages searches based on natural language rather than keywords.[6] Users can ask Bing to look up specific topics or ideas, and even ask for its opinion, with its responses returned to them in a chat bubble.[6]

GPT-4 creates answers to questions much faster than the current GPT-3 version, and the answers look more like a human wrote them.[7] Positioned as an “assistant,” the new Bing is described as a research assistant, personal planner, and creative partner.[5]

Microsoft has not officially announced the release of the new and improved Bing version, but it is rumored to launch in the coming weeks.[8] If successful, it could give Microsoft an edge over its competitors in the AI chatbot market.

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