Michigan State University Tragedy: Three Killed, Five Injured, One Upgraded to Stable

On Monday night, tragedy struck Michigan State University when a gunman opened fire in Berkey Hall, killing three students and wounding five others.[0] The three victims of the massacre were identified Tuesday as Brian Fraser, Alexandria Verner and Arielle Anderson.[1] The identities of the five individuals who were admitted to the hospital have not been revealed by authorities, however, it was reported on Thursday that four of them are still in critical condition and one has been upgraded to “stable”.[2]

Police reported that Anthony McRae, the gunman, had no association with the university when he began shooting in MSU's Berkey Hall at 8:18 p.m.[3] At that location, two students lost their lives[3] McRae was located by police around 11:30 p.m. and fatally shot himself.[4] He was found with two handguns, nine loaded magazines of ammunition, and a pouch with additional bullets.[5]

McRae's father, Michael McRae, told NBC News that his son had become increasingly bitter, isolated, and “evil” after his mom died from a stroke in September 2020.[6] At a press conference on Thursday morning, Michigan State Police Lt. Rene Gonzalez stated that there was a two-page handwritten note in the suspect's wallet that “could possibly provide insight into his motive, but nothing that can be confirmed at this time.”[7]

In response to the tragedy, Michigan State University canceled classes through Monday, Feb. 20.[3] Berkey Hall, the source of the shooting, will not be open for the rest of the semester.[7] Interim President Teresa K. Woodruff stated that the condition of Union Hall, which the shooter intended to visit next, is still being assessed.[8]

To honor the three students killed, thousands of MSU students, staff, administrators, alumni, faculty, and family members gathered around the Rock — a campus landmark — Wednesday night for a planned vigil as they put down flowers in memory of the three students killed.[9] The event was secured by the Michigan State Police.[10] The police department at MSU expressed their gratitude to the state agency for supplying security for the evening vigil, allowing the officers to participate and grieve. We are united in our healing process.[6]

One of the five people injured in the shooting at Michigan State University was just upgraded from critical to stable, officials said.[11] The rest of the hospitalized students remain in critical condition.[1] Two of the five injured were students from China, according to news accounts attributed to the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago.[12]

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