Michigan State University Mass Shooting Leaves 3 Dead, 5 Wounded

On Monday night, a gunman identified as 43-year-old Anthony McRae opened fire at Michigan State University's Berkey Hall and the MSU Union, killing three students and injuring five others.[0] McRae had two handguns and eight loaded magazines in his possession and was found by police in East Lansing, where he fatally shot himself.

Two of the five injured victims were students from China, according to the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago.[1] The shooting victims were identified as Brian Fraser, a sophomore from Grosse Pointe, Alexandria Verner, a junior from Clawson, and Arielle Anderson, a junior from Grosse Pointe.[2]

McRae had been previously charged with carrying a concealed weapon, but prosecutors eventually dismissed the charge and allowed him to plead guilty to a lesser misdemeanor charge, which allowed him to legally purchase a gun after his 18-month probation ended.[3] He had a two-page handwritten note in his wallet that “indicated where he was going to visit, maybe a motive, but nothing we can confirm just yet,[5] said Michigan State Police Lt. Rene Gonzalez.[4]

Berkey Hall, the site at which the shooting began, will not reopen for the duration of the semester.[4] The MSU Union, where the shooting continued, is still being evaluated.[4] Thousands of MSU students, staff, administrators, alumni, faculty, and family members gathered around the Rock — a campus landmark — Wednesday night for a planned vigil.[6]

Some heroic students stayed behind to put pressure on wounds, trying to help, while others tried to cover the wounds of the injured with their hands so they didn't bleed to death.[7] “I think if the Senate and lawmakers in this country saw what I saw, they would be shamed into action,[5] he said. [5]Or their humanity touched into action.[5]

MSU Police and Public Safety released a statement earlier this week, declaring that they would not disclose the identities of the five students who were injured.[9] The investigation with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives determined those weapons were purchased legally by McRae, but they were not registered.[10] The time and place of purchase are unknown.[10] Four of the five students wounded in the shooting remain in critical condition but some [5]are showing signs of improvement,[5] said Teresa Woodruff, the university's interim president. One wounded student's condition was updated to stable.[11] Questions remain over how Anthony McRae obtained firearms used in the mass shooting and what motivated him.[12]

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