FBI Investigating Malicious Cyber Incident in New York Field Office

The FBI is currently investigating and working to contain a malicious cyber incident on part of its computer network, according to people briefed on the matter.[0] The malicious cyber activity was reportedly related to the FBI New York Field Office, one of the bureau’s biggest and highest profile offices.[0] The origin of the hacking incident is still being investigated.[0]

In response, a senior FBI official warned secretaries of state from across the US Thursday that Chinese hackers pose a “growing threat” and said their willingness to target the infrastructure of political parties ahead of the 2022 election demonstrates that “we could see more significant Chinese cyber activity against your states in the coming year.”[1]

According to Cynthia Kaiser, deputy assistant director of the FBI’s Cyber Division, Chinese hackers are part of “a sea of things we’re concerned” about.[2] The Federal Bureau of Investigation has asserted that China possesses the most extensive government-supported hacking initiative in the globe, which is greater than the combined efforts of all other countries.[3]

In October, the FBI warned that Chinese hackers were scouring the headquarters of US political parties in search of vulnerable systems to exploit.[2] Kaiser also stated that the FBI has no intelligence that Russia is looking to target state and local or election systems more directly, but they “have a very low threshold for sharing that information.”

The FBI is aware of the incident and has contained it, but has no further comment at this time.[0] It is likely that this incident will continue to be monitored in the coming weeks as the 2022 midterm elections approach.

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