Fatal Turbulence: Passenger Killed After Encountering Severe Turbulence on Business Jet

On Friday, a passenger on a business jet was killed after a severe encounter with turbulence while traveling from Keene, New Hampshire to Leesburg, Virginia.[0] The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has launched an investigation and is currently interviewing the two crew members and surviving passengers.[1] The jet's cockpit voice and data recorders were sent to NTSB headquarters for analysis.[1] The jet is owned by Conexon, a company located in Kansas City, Missouri.[2]

The incident occurred when the pilot diverted the Bombardier Challenger 300 aircraft to Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Connecticut after experiencing the turbulence. According to a report from the NTSB, turbulence accounted for more than 37% of all accidents on larger commercial airlines between 2009 and 2018.[3]

The NTSB has removed the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder and are continuing to gather information from the flight crew, operator and passengers about the circumstances of the event.[4] The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is also investigating the incident.[5]

Robert Sumwalt, former NTSB chair and executive director of the Center for Aviation and Aerospace Safety at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, declared, “I can’t remember the last fatality due to turbulence,”[6]

The Hawaiian Airlines flight from Phoenix to Honolulu experienced extreme turbulence in the last half hour of its flight.[3] The Connecticut Airport Authority states that the private plane was diverted to Bradley around 4:00 pm due to a medical emergency.[7] The plane was carrying three passengers and two crew members when the plane was diverted.[8]

The NTSB has said that a preliminary report will be available in two to three weeks.[2] The extent of the damage to the aircraft is still unclear and the NTSB did not provide details including whether the victim was wearing a seatbelt.[6]

Turbulence is one of the most unpredictable weather phenomena, and deaths from it are extremely rare, according to experts.[9] “Planes are designed to be safe in turbulence. They don’t fall out of the sky, and any competent pilot is going to be able to manage the turbulence,” said Teiger.[10]

Less than 48 hours prior to the incident, a Lufthansa flight from Texas was forced to divert to Dulles International Airport in Virginia due to extreme turbulence.[10] Pilots train for turbulence to keep passengers safe on their flight.[11]

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