Exploring Social Contagion at the Washington University Transgender Center

Jamie Reed worked as a case manager at The Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children's Hospital for four years between 2018 and November 2022.[0] Reed, who identifies as a queer woman married to a transgender man, spoke recently about her experiences at the clinic.[0]

Reed wrote that the doctors she worked with frequently said “We are building the plane while we are flying it,” in reference to the treatment of their patients.[1] She also noted that many patients at the clinic declared they had disorders they did not have, such as Tourette syndrome, tic disorders, and multiple personalities.[2]

The doctors at the clinic recognized that some of these false self-diagnoses may have been a manifestation of social contagion and even acknowledged that suicide has an element of social contagion.[2] However, when Reed suggested that the gender issues of some of the patients may have been a manifestation of social contagion, the doctors said gender identity reflected something innate.[2]

Reed wrote that teenagers are not capable of fully grasping what it means to make the decision to become infertile while still a minor, especially given that clinics like the one where she worked are creating a whole cohort of kids with atypical genitals – and most of these teens haven’t even had sex yet.[0] She recounted how one of these patients became pregnant, but of course, she would never be able to breastfeed her child.[2]

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