Earthquake Devastates Turkey and Syria: US Responds with Urgent Assistance

On Monday, February 6th, a devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck near Gaziantep, Turkey, followed by a 7.5-magnitude tremor later that day.[0] The death toll continues to climb as the overall toll surpasses 28,000 in Turkey and Syria combined.[1] The United Nations estimates that up to 5.3 million people in Syria may be homeless after the earthquakes, while nearly 900,000 people are in urgent need of hot food in both Turkey and Syria.[1]

In response to the disaster, the United States government rapidly mobilized to assist the Government of Türkiye and humanitarian partners in Syria, deploying the Disaster Assistance and Response Team (DART) on the same day.[2] This team consists of nearly 200 people including disaster experts, 159 search and rescue members, and 12 canines.[2] USAID also announced $85 million in urgent humanitarian assistance to support these efforts.[3]

Various international organizations are currently providing aid in the earthquake zone. The United Nations, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, relief agencies, and disaster managers are all working to support those affected. Donations are being accepted to finance the relief efforts.[4]

In addition, hundreds of U.S. personnel have arrived in the region to help save lives and assist those in need.[3] North Texas Volunteers have also sent supplies to Earthquake-Stricken Turkey and Syria, while an aid group has sent medical supplies to victims in the region.[5]

Despite the devastation, hope remains in the form of astonishing rescues.[6] Rescue teams have worked round the clock to dig out survivors in Turkey and Syria, and the United States will remain committed to providing necessary assistance to those impacted by the earthquakes.[7]

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