DOJ Ends Investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz with No Charges Filed

The Department of Justice has officially decided not to charge Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., with any criminal charges related to the agency's two-year investigation into allegations of sex trafficking and obstruction of justice, lawyers for the lawmaker said Wednesday.[0]

The investigation into Gaetz's involvement in sex trafficking was launched in March 2021, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter.[1] Joel Greenberg, a former Florida county tax collector and associate of Gaetz who pleaded guilty in May 2021 to six federal charges, including trafficking of a minor, reportedly introduced the alleged victim to Gaetz.[1]

Gaetz, 40, consistently denied any wrongdoing, saying he never paid for sex nor had sexual relations with a minor.[2] However, lawyers for at least one witness in the case were informed by prosecutors that Gaetz won’t be charged, CNN reported.

The other witness whose credibility concerned prosecutors was an ex-girlfriend of the congressman who testified before a federal grand jury in 2021.[3] She was granted immunity in exchange for her testimony and was viewed as a potential key witness.[4]

The Justice Department told lawyers for multiple witnesses on Wednesday that the investigation has ended and no charges will be brought, according to CNN.[5] Gaetz’s office confirmed the decision in a statement.[6]

Two other people in Gaetz’s orbit, his ex-girlfriend and a Florida radio host, became key cooperators in the probe.[5] Prosecutors finally agreed to schedule a sentencing date for Greenberg after months of delays while he continued to cooperate with the ongoing Gaetz probe, indicating that the Justice Department's case had nearly ground to a halt.[5]

The DOJ's decision was not a surprise, as nearly two years had passed without prosecutors filing charges against Gaetz.[0] The firebrand Republican congressman has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.[6]

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