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Cocktail Sets

Cocktail Sets

Professionally made cocktail sets make a big difference in the final results you experience when making drinks at your home bar. With a cocktail set from Fifth & Vermouth and the right spirits and mixes, you’ll be ready for any drink request from family or guests. By selecting a quality product made from durable materials, you won’t have to worry about issues like handles breaking off or the finish showing signs of wear after a short time. At Fifth & Vermouth, we’re one of the most repuable barware suppliers on the Web, with a commitment to total customer satisfaction.

3 Compelling Reasons To Upgrade Your Home Bar

1. Home bar accessories make life so much easier because they’re designed to do what you need them to do. With the right bar tool at hand, you won’t have to search through kitchen cabinets looking for a strainer when you get a drink request that requires fine straining, nor will you need to improvise with a milkshake cup and glass when what you really need is a Boston Shaker.

Our Pro Series cocktail bar sets come complete with every item required to mix, stir, shake, spoon, strain, and pour drinks:

  • Boston Shaker Set
  • Professional Teardrop Bar Spoon
  • Kamakura Japanese Jigger
  • St George Strainer
  • Fine Mesh Strainer
  • Etched Mixing Glass

2. Complete barware tool sets from our inventory make you look like a professional behind the bar. Your guests’ opinion of your drink mixing skills will rise sharply as a direct result of watching you mix and create drinks with our bar and wine tools; especially when you reach for the Boston Shaker Set and expertly chill and mix drinks in the same way as a bartender would in a fine establishment.

Stainless steel and metal finish Cocktail Sets in our inventory are designed to be show-stopping tools that ensure all eyes are on you when you receive a drink request. Whether it’s a ‘shaken, not stirred’ Manhattan or a Bourbon on ice, you’ll be ready for everything with our tools.

3. At Fifth & Vermouth, we believe the best bartending kits are those made to last for many years. We carry high-quality products made from the same materials you would expect to find behind a wine & spirits tavern, bar, or restaurant. Our Pro Series Cocktail Set in Stainless Steel is a very popular item in our inventory, and one that we highly recommend to anyone upgrading or building a home bar.

Shop online at Fifth & Vermouth for the best value when looking for barware, glassware, bar tools, Cocktail Sets, bitters & syrups, decanters, dasher bottles, metal straws, ice molds, and other incidentals you’ll need for drink crafting and serving.

Stay on our website after you’ve placed an order with us and read Bar Collection Tips & Tricks from our professionals. You’ll find new recipes you’ll want to try, like the Day Breaker, holiday mixers, and various authors’ own creations, like Seth Ball’s Milk & Cookies and Christopher Cho’s Wildfire.