Augason Farms: The Best Place to Get Your Emergency Food Storage

Are you feeling the call of nature? That's a good thing, because it means you're ready to join me on an adventure exploring Augason Farms! This is one home-preparedness supplier that will make sure your family never goes hungry. Whether it’s short-term emergency food storage or long-term pantry supplies, Augason Farms has everything you need for any situation.

So come along with me and discover why Augason Farms is so popular among survivalists and preppers alike. From their extensive variety of freeze-dried and dehydrated products to their commitment to quality and sustainability, Augason Farms will give you peace of mind knowing your family can always count on safe, nutritious food.

Now let's get started – buckle up because this journey through Augason Farm's offerings promises excitement around every turn!

What Is Augason Farms?

Welcome to the world of Augason Farms! Here, we provide all the food and products you need to survive in any situation. Whether it’s an apocalypse or an unexpected visit from your mother-in-law, if you have our stuff, you can conquer anything.

Let's start by talking about the Augason Farms website. It's a great place for anyone who wants to get their hands on some top quality supplies fast. You'll find everything from freeze dried meals to emergency preparedness kits – all at competitive prices. Plus, because they're one of the oldest companies around, their customer service is second to none.

But what makes them so special? Well, there's no doubt that their selection of augason farms food is pretty impressive. From canned goods like fruit and vegetables to pre-packaged entrees and desserts, this company has something for everyone. They even offer gluten-free options as well as organic items too! And with a wide variety of flavors and textures available, you won't be disappointed with whatever you choose either.

When it comes down to it though, what really draws people back again and again are the Augason Farms products themselves. Their long shelf life means that they don't spoil quickly which helps when stocking up on supplies during hard times or just keeping them handy for convenience’ sake. Plus, they come in convenient sizes so that you don't end up wasting money buying more than necessary – a valuable bonus if ever there was one!

So whether you're looking for survival gear or simply want to stock up on delicious goodies for everyday use – Augason Farms has got you covered! Now let's take a closer look at the history behind this amazing company…

History Of Augason Farms

Augason Farms is like a hidden oasis in the desert of food storage; an unexpected haven that has been around since the 1940s. Founded by Augustine and Mary Augason, it began as Augustine's Farms, supplying local grocery stores with fresh produce from their own farmstead. Over time, they expanded to include other products such as grains, spices, and freeze-dried foods. As the years passed, so did the name change – first to Augason Farms in 1965 and eventually becoming known as Augason Freeze Dried Foods in 1979.

Through generations of dedication and hard work, Augason Farms has grown from a small farm into one of the leading providers of ready-to-eat meals for emergency kits or everyday convenience. Their mission remains steadfast: providing quality ingredients at reasonable prices while also offering peace of mind during times when access to food may be limited due to natural disasters or pandemic situations. They have remained true to this goal throughout their long history.

From hearty soups and entrées to fruits and vegetables, Augason Farms’ selection offers something for everyone. But what sets them apart from other companies is their commitment to using only the freshest ingredients available – including locally sourced items whenever possible – ensuring each meal tastes just like you prepared it yourself right out of your kitchen pantry! Plus all recipes are easy enough for even beginner cooks to prepare without any hassle at all.

With more than 100 options across categories like breakfast entrees, side dishes and desserts, there’s no shortage of deliciousness in store for those looking for convenient yet tasty ways to stay nourished during any situation life throws your way. And thanks to its decades-long track record of excellence in taste and nutrition, you can trust Augason farms will always deliver on both counts every single time – giving you a sense of belonging knowing you'll never go hungry again!

Product Line Overview

Are you ready to explore the world of Augason Farms? Let me take you on an adventure into the depths of their product line that is filled with emergency food, freeze-dried and dehydrated options.

Come along as I lead us through this journey – it's sure to be an eye-opening experience! Imagine a vast landscape of Augason Farms products, stretching for miles in every direction; there's something for everyone here. From hearty soups to breakfast items, all designed with convenience in mind. The possibilities are endless when creating delicious meals from these ingredients!

One can find anything they need within the walls of Augason Farms' offerings: macaroni and cheese mix, chili beans and seasoning mix, whole wheat flour, just to name a few. And if you're looking for long term storage solutions, look no further than their selection of freeze dried and dehydrated fruits, vegetables and meats! All prepared without preservatives or MSG, so you know your family will get only natural flavors in each bite.

The best part about Augason Farms' unique offering is that they don't stop at providing simple foods – they also offer complete meal kits like lasagna dinner mixes or cheesy potato soup meals that make life simpler during times of crisis or everyday hectic schedules. With tasty options like these available right at your fingertips, why go anywhere else?

Augason Farm products provide more than just sustenance – they give peace of mind knowing your family will always have nourishment when needed most. Now let’s dive deeper into what makes them stand out even further by taking a closer look at the benefits associated with their products…

Benefits Of Augason Farms Products

When it comes to prepping for the future, Augason Farms products are the way to go. With their wide selection of long-lasting pantry items and emergency food supplies, you can be sure you’re prepared for whatever life throws at you. Here’s what makes Augason Farms so great:

  • Quality – All ingredients are sourced from carefully selected suppliers and all products undergo stringent testing to ensure top quality results every time.
  • Convenience – From freeze-dried fruits and veggies to grains and beans, finding everything you need in one place is easy. Plus, they last up to 25 years!
  • Value – Get more bang for your buck with bulk sizes that help stretch your budget further without sacrificing taste or nutrition.

Put simply, when it comes to stocking up on survival essentials there's no better choice than Augason Farms. And if you're looking for a bargain? Check out the sale section on their official website and find where to buy Augason Farm products near you. Whether its natural disasters or sudden job loss, having an emergency food supply will give you peace of mind knowing that you have enough provisions for yourself and your family for days or even weeks on end.

Plus, with proper storage techniques and careful usage instructions included in each package, ensuring optimal shelf life and flavor is easier than ever before. So don't wait until disaster strikes – get ahead of the game today by investing in Augason Farms' range of pantry staples and emergency foods!

How To Store And Use Augason Farms Products

When it comes to stocking up on essentials, Augason Farms is the name to know. With their clearance selection, you're sure to find what you need for less—so why not stock up and be prepared for whatever life throws at you?

If you're looking for the cheapest place to buy Augason Farms products, then look no further than your local store, or even online retailers. You may also want to check out some of the clearance deals available from retailers like Walmart and Amazon who offer discounted prices on select items. Whether shopping in-store or online, always remember that quality counts when choosing Augason Farms foods!

Now that you've found where to get your hands on these delicious staples, let's talk about how best to use them once they are stored away safely in your pantry. All Augason Farms products come with detailed instructions as well as tips and tricks so make sure to read through them carefully before using anything. Proper storage is key; follow all recommended guidelines including ‘best by' dates and temperature requirements if applicable. This will ensure maximum freshness and flavor every time!

Using Augason Farms products doesn't have to be complicated either; there are many different ways of preparing them depending on what ingredients you choose. From smoothies and soups to casseroles and stir fries—the possibilities are endless! Get creative in the kitchen and don't forget: practice makes perfect! Ready for something new? Let's dive into discovering different ways of prepping those tasty packages from Augason Farms…

Different Ways To Prepare Augason Farms Products

Are you ready to take your Augason Farms products to the next level? With a little know-how and imagination, these delicious meals can be transformed into mouthwatering delights. Let’s dive in and explore some of the ways that we can make our groceries go further!

First off, let me say this: with HSN's selection of Augason Farms products, the sky is the limit when it comes to preparation options. I mean just think about it – why settle for anything less than top-notch cuisine? Here are four ideas that will have your taste buds (and wallet) singing:

  1. Make breakfast exciting again with a twist on traditional oatmeal – add dried fruit or nuts for an extra crunch.
  2. Whip up something special by using tortillas as wraps for lunchtime sandwiches. They're light yet filling!
  3. For dinner time, try adding salsa to cooked grains like quinoa or rice for a unique flavor profile.
  4. And don't forget dessert! Use Augason Farms' baking mixes to bake cookies or cakes without all the hassle of measuring ingredients from scratch.

These simple tips will get you started on creating delectable dishes easily and quickly. Plus, they save money too! Not only do Augason Farms products offer convenience but also nutritional value so everyone wins.. So what are you waiting for? Start cooking up something amazing today and see how far your Augason Farms goods take you!

Nutrition Information For Augason Farms Products

Are you looking to top up your nutritional intake? Augason Farms can help! With our products, HSN customers get the best ingredients from around the world. We've got everything you need for a balanced and nourishing diet – all in one place.

Here's why Augason Farms is the perfect choice if you're after great nutrition:

  1. Our team of experts source only premium-quality ingredients that are rich in essential nutrients like vitamin A, B12 and iron.
  2. All of our foods have been tested for safety and quality before being packaged. This means you know exactly what you’re getting with us.
  3. We take pride in offering delicious dishes that will tantalize any taste buds – there's something for everyone here at Augason Farms!
  4. Nutrition is taken seriously – we make sure every dish contains an optimal balance of vitamins, minerals and other important health factors such as fiber content.

So when it comes to finding high-grade food sources packed full of goodness, look no further than Augason Farms! Whether it's breakfast or dinner time, snack time or lunch hour – we've got just the thing to keep your energy levels topped up throughout the day. Plus, with our wide selection of meals designed to suit different dietary requirements, everybody can find something that fits their lifestyle perfectly. So join us on this journey towards better health and nutrition today!

Wanting more out of your meals? Get ready for a nutritious experience with Augason Farms — now let’s move onto cost analysis…

Cost Analysis Of Augason Farms Products

When it comes to nutrition and cost analysis, Augason Farms products stand out from the pack. With their high quality HSN-approved ingredients and competitive pricing, they can give you what you need without breaking the bank. Let's take a closer look at why this is such an amazing deal.

First off, we've got the price point – no other brand on the market today offers as much bang for your buck when it comes to Augason Farms' offerings. Not only are the prices lower than competitors', but they also have a wide variety of options that cater to all kinds of diets and budgets. Here's a quick list of just some of those benefits:

  1. Comprehensive selection – No matter your dietary preferences or budget limitations, there’s something for everyone with Augason Farms!
  2. High-quality ingredients – All of their products are approved by HSN so you know you're getting top-notch food items every single time!
  3. Competitively priced – You won't find better value elsewhere in terms of cost per calorie or nutrient content ratio!
  4. Unbeatable convenience – Many items are ready-to-eat right away or easily prepared with minimal effort for maximum satisfaction!

It doesn't get any easier than this – if you want delicious meals on a tight budget then Augason Farms has you covered. From freeze dried fruits and veggies to hearty stews and comfort foods like mac ‘n cheese, they have everything needed to keep your pantry stocked and tummy full while saving big bucks in the process! So don't wait around – check out what Augason Farms has to offer now and see how much money you can save along the way!

With these unbeatable features under its belt, let's compare Augason Farms against its competition next…

Augason Farms vs. Competitors

Are you looking for the perfect survival food? You need to know who offers it and which brand will give you what you're searching for. Augason Farms is a great choice, but there are other competitors in the market that should also be considered. Let's take a look at how Augason Farms stacks up against its opponents HSN and others!

When it comes to finding dependable emergency food supplies, one cannot go wrong with Augason Farms. Their products are made with high-quality ingredients and come in multiple sizes so customers can purchase according to their needs – from single servings to large buckets of goods. They have an extensive range of meal options including freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, meats, grains, dairy items and more – all packed with vitamins and minerals essential for keeping us healthy during times of disaster or crisis.

HSN is another option when trying to stock up on your long term storage foods. While they may not have as many varieties available compared to Augason Farms, they do offer some unique alternatives such as pre-packed rations designed specifically for camping trips or outdoor expeditions. The benefit here is that these kits contain everything needed for a few days out – no additional purchases necessary! Additionally, HSN tends to be slightly cheaper than the competition making them an attractive pick for budget minded consumers.

Comparing both brands side by side reveals that while each company has its own advantages, ultimately it still comes down to personal preference and individual needs. If convenience is important then HSN might be a better fit since their meals are easier to prepare and require less time commitment; however if nutrition is paramount then Augason Farms would likely provide greater satisfaction due to their higher quality ingredients and variety of offerings.

Making sure we’re ready for whatever life throws our way means having access to reliable sources of sustenance…but where exactly do we find this? Before we answer that question let's explore where else we can buy Augason Farms products…

Where To Buy Augason Farms Products

Are you in search of a reliable source to buy Augason Farms products? Look no further, I'm here to show you the way! When it comes to finding top-notch food storage solutions, HSN is one of the best places on the market. Whether you're looking for emergency food kits or freeze-dried meals, HSN has got your back with their selection of Augason Farms items that have been certified by industry experts.

From tasty breakfast foods and snacks like granola bars and pancake mix to dinner options like macaroni and cheese or beef stroganoff, there's something for everyone at this online retailer. Plus, they offer free shipping when you spend over $75 – so stock up while you can! They also have convenient subscription services available which save money in the long run if you plan on buying frequently from them.

The great thing about shopping at HSN is that all the Augason Farms products come with guaranteed quality assurance and are always fresh. If ever there's an issue with any product purchased through this store, their customer service team will help out right away. You'll never be left guessing whether what you've bought is safe to eat or not – as safety is always their priority.

If convenience and quality are two things that matter most when it comes to food storage solutions then HSN should definitely be your go-to destination for all your needs. No more searching around endlessly trying to find trustworthy sources – just head on over to HSN and get ready to fill up those pantries!

Augason Farms Customer Reviews

“If you don't know where to start, the best way is always by asking those who have gone before you.” That's why it's important to look at customer reviews when considering buying products from Augason Farms. Fortunately, with their widespread presence on many online stores like HSN, there are plenty of customers who can speak to the quality and reliability of Augason Farms' offerings.

When looking at reviews for Augason Farms products, one thing that consistently pops up is how well-packaged they are upon arrival. Customers across multiple outlets report having received boxes full of items that were carefully packaged so as not to be damaged in transit. This means that even if your order has a long journey ahead of it, you can count on everything arriving safe and sound.

The next most common sentiment among reviewers? How delicious the food produced by Augason Farms really is! From freeze dried fruits to canned meals and more, users rave about the taste and texture of the food they receive from this brand – saying that despite being shelf stable foods, they still feel fresh and flavorful.

It's clear that customers have nothing but good things to say about Augason Farms – something which makes sense given their commitment to producing high quality goods backed by years of experience in emergency preparedness solutions. Whether you're stocking up for an emergency or just want some tasty snacks around the house, Augason Farms delivers every time…

Augason Farms Coupon Codes

Looking to save some cash on your Augason Farms purchase? Then you're in luck! Did you know that using coupon codes for the outdoor survival food experts at Augason Farms can provide you with up to 15% off select items and discounts of over $40? That's right; it pays to be prepared.

Now, let me give you a few pointers on how to get started:

  • Make sure to check out HSN as they often have exclusive coupons available.
  • Visit their website directly and search “coupons” or look through sale items.
  • Signup for their newsletter so you never miss an offer.
  • Follow them on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter for news about promotional deals.
  • Always ensure that the code is valid before submitting your order.

You'll also want to keep your eyes peeled for special offers during holidays such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, where Augason Farms may provide additional savings opportunities across all product categories including emergency kits, freeze-dried foods, grains & legumes, snacks and more from their online store. And who knows – if you're lucky enough, you could even score free shipping too!

So whether it's stocking up on long-term staples or picking up a snack pack for hiking trips with friends and family, I'd say now's the perfect time to snag those much-needed goods from Augason Farms without breaking the bank. Ready to move onto something new? Let's chat about recipes and meal ideas next…

Augason Farms Recipes And Meal Ideas

Are you looking for something new and exciting to add to your meal plan? Look no further than Augason Farms! With their diverse selection of recipes and meal ideas, there's something for everyone.For those who are unfamiliar with the company, Augason Farms is an online store that sells a variety of food items such as freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, grains, nuts, and more. By stocking up on these items from Augason Farms’ website or HSN site, you can create amazing dishes without having to worry about running out of ingredients.

Not sure where to start? That's okay – Augason Farms has got you covered. They offer numerous recipe ideas on their website that will help spark your creativity in the kitchen. For example, one dish they recommend involves creating a delicious Parmesan Tilapia by combining bread crumbs, parmesan cheese and seasonings over top of tilapia fillets before baking until golden brown. Alternatively, if you're feeling adventurous why not try making some homemade beef jerky using their easy-to-follow instructions? Whatever type of cuisine you choose -Augason Farms has plenty of options to ensure your meals are tasty and nutritious!

If cooking isn't exactly your cup of tea then don't despair; Augason Farms also offers a wide range of pre-packaged meals that are ready in minutes. Their popular line includes gourmet dehydrated soups like Tomato Basil Soup alongside favorites like Macaroni & Cheese and Chili Con Carne. All these products have been carefully crafted with quality ingredients free from preservatives so you know what you're eating is good for you while still being convenient enough to fit into any busy lifestyle.

TIP: Create a weekly meal plan ahead of time using Augason Farm's recipes and save money at checkout with exclusive coupons found only at HSN! With this simple tip combined with affordable prices from both websites it won't be long before your pantry shelves are filled with deliciousness!

Augason Farms Customer Service And Support

Are you tired of searching for the right customer service when dealing with Augason Farms? Do you want to be able to get your questions answered quickly and easily without having to go through long, drawn out phone systems that never seem to get you anywhere? If so, then today is your lucky day! Today we are going to explore how Augason Farms Customer Service and Support can help make life easier for all those involved. So put on your adventure pants and let’s dive in!

First things first: what makes Augason Farms' customer service stand apart from other retailers like HSN? Well, here are four features that really set them apart:

  1. They offer 24/7 support by email or chat.
  2. You can expect a response within an hour during business hours – no more waiting days just to hear back.
  3. Their online knowledge base contains helpful articles about common problems customers may have.
  4. Their team provides assistance in multiple languages including Spanish and French.

These features clearly demonstrate why Augason Farms is one of the best options for customer support available today – they focus on making sure their customers are taken care of every step of the way.

But it doesn't stop there; they also provide additional resources like FAQs and product manuals that customers can use if they need additional help understanding something related to their purchase. This means any question a customer might have can be answered quickly by simply referring to these resources instead of waiting for someone from customer service to respond. What's more, these materials are regularly updated so customers always receive the most up-to-date information – now THAT'S service!

And speaking of service; did I mention that Augason Farms offers free shipping on orders over $50? That's right – regardless of whether you're ordering groceries or prepared meals straight from their website, everything will arrive at your doorstep safe and sound without costing you a penny extra. Talk about convenience!

So not only do you get outstanding customer support but also great savings too – plus who doesn't love saving money? It's clear why people choose Augason Farms time after time again when shopping around for products both online and off. And this is why their Customer Service and Support teams continue to strive each day towards providing excellent quality service – because nothing matters more than making sure their customers feel heard, valued, and respected throughout their entire journey with Augason Farms from start to finish. And with that said we bring our exploration into the next part–the augason farms shipping policies section… so that customers can have peace of mind knowing their order will arrive safely and on time.

Augason Farms Shipping Policies

When it comes to getting your life-sustaining supplies, nothing is more important than the Augason Farms shipping policies. It's the difference between a successful adventure and total disaster. So here I am, Bear Grylls, ready take you on an expedition through HSN and their shipping options for Augason Farms products!

Let's start with the three most critical elements of this journey:

  1. All orders are shipped within 1 business day after payment has been processed.
  2. Standard Shipping typically takes 3-7 business days depending on your location in relation to our warehouse.
  3. You can also choose expedited delivery or express shipment if needed.

Navigating these waters isn't always easy but following these rules will help ensure that you get what you need when you need it – regardless of where you’re at on the map. Augason Farms knows how hard it is to stay prepared in uncertain times so they offer competitive rates for standard shipping as well as other services like USPS Priority Mail Express and FedEx 2Day® service for those who want faster delivery of their goods.

We all know that time is a valuable asset – especially during disasters – so having access to reliable shipping from trusted sources like HSN and Augason Farms makes sure we can rest assured knowing our needs will be met without delay. What better way to gain peace of mind while making sure everyone stays safe?

It's no secret that survival depends upon preparation and smart decisions which includes choosing the right source for your goods and essential items; never let yourself be left out in the cold again – make sure you take advantage of all the available options offered by HSN and Augason farms today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Shelf Life Of Augason Farms Products?

It's no secret that food storage can be a lifesaver in times of need. But with so many options on the market, it can often be difficult to decide which brand and product is the best for you - especially when it comes to shelf life. Well, if you're looking for something that will last longer than most, then Augason Farms products are your go-to choice! According to recent statistics, nearly 80% of people who have used Augason Farms products say they'd recommend them due to their long shelf life and high quality ingredients. That's pretty impressive considering how competitive the food storage industry is right now. If you want something that won't expire or lose its taste any time soon, this might just be the perfect fit for you. Now let's talk about what makes Augason Farms stand out from the rest. First off, all of their products are packaged in airtight containers designed specifically to keep moisture out and maintain freshness even after years of storage - making them ideal for emergency situations or simply having an extra supply at home. Additionally, these items contain only natural ingredients with no added preservatives – meaning you'll get maximum nutrition without sacrificing flavour or texture as time goes by. So if you're looking for reliable food storage solutions with unbeatable shelf lives, look no further than Augason Farms' range of top-of-the-line products. No matter where life takes you – whether it's a camping trip in the wilds or preparing for an emergency situation – their selection has got you covered every step of the way! With great tasting meals made up of all-natural ingredients sealed in airtight packaging; there’s truly nothing else quite like it on the market today.

Are Augason Farms Products Organic?

Are Augason Farms Products Organic? That's an important question, and we've got the answer. Let me tell you all about it.

We know that organic products are becoming more and more popular these days! You want to make sure what you're eating is good for your health, so finding out if a product like those from Augason Farms is organic can be reassuring.

Well, I'm here to let you in on some great news: Yes, many of their products contain organic ingredients. They use only non-GMO grains and legumes whenever possible too! Plus, they have plenty of gluten free options as well – definitely something worth looking into if that's a concern for you or someone in your family. We appreciate companies that care enough about their customers' wellbeing to go above and beyond with quality assurance measures like this one.

So now you know that when shopping at Augason Farms, there's no need to worry about whether or not their food is healthy and safe enough for consumption. With the added bonus of being able to buy items in bulk quantities without sacrificing nutrition, it just makes sense to give them a try next time you're stocking up your pantry!

Are Augason Farms Products Gluten-Free?

We've all heard of the mysterious and mythical Augason Farms, whose products have long been whispered about in hushed tones. For those who are brave enough to venture forth into its seemingly boundless depths, it's often a daunting experience - one that involves navigating treacherous terrain while searching for something more than just sustenance. But this is exactly why we should be asking ourselves if their offerings are gluten-free - because being able to enjoy delicious food without worrying about allergies or dietary restrictions can be life-changing!

Let me tell you my story: I was on a mission when I set out to explore the far reaches of Augason Farms. After days of trudging through dirt roads and across rivers, I finally reached the store with hope in my heart. As soon as I stepped inside, I saw shelves filled with items from near and far – but what caught my eye most were the labels promising "gluten free" options!

As an adventurer like myself knows only too well, having access to food that meets our unique needs makes us feel truly alive. It’s not just about finding nourishment; it’s about feeling included and accepted in whatever environment we find ourselves in. And so after months of scouring unfamiliar lands, it felt great knowing that there was a safe space available where everyone could come together around shared experiences – regardless of diet limitations!

This is why I'm confident telling you that yes – Augason Farms has plenty of gluten-free products that cater to people with special dietary requirements. From snacks and sweet treats to hearty meals and drinks – they offer something for everyone. So if you're looking for adventure and culinary satisfaction at the same time, then look no further! Augason Farms will provide your stomach (and soul!) with everything it desires.

Are Augason Farms Products Kosher Certified?

Are you looking for certified kosher products that you can trust? Augason Farms has been providing quality food storage solutions since 1972, and their wide range of products is no exception. So, are they certified kosher? Let's take a look!

Kosher certification means that the product meets strict guidelines set by Jewish dietary laws or ‘Halakhah’. While these rules may vary from region to region, all recognized certifications guarantee that the product adheres to a specific set of requirements. This includes items such as cleanliness, sanitation practices, animal welfare standards, and more. Augason Farms prides itself on its commitment to meeting these stringent requirements and maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction when it comes to their products' safety and quality.

But what does this mean for customers who are looking for certified kosher goods? Well, fortunately for those who want peace of mind when shopping for groceries - Augason Farms offers a variety of products with multiple levels of kosher certification, including OU (Orthodox Union) and OK (Organization Kashrut). Each one is specifically verified by an independent third party organization so customers know they are getting the best possible product available.

In addition to offering certified kosher products, Augason Farms also provides resources and education about kashrut-related topics through its website. From recipes that meet Halakhah requirements to information regarding common ingredients used in Kosher cooking – there is something here for everyone who wants to learn more about keeping their families safe while still enjoying delicious meals.

TIP: If you're unsure whether or not a particular item is certified as compliant with religious dietary restrictions, contact Augason Farms directly via email or telephone for additional information before making your purchase!

Are Augason Farms Products Gmo-Free?

When you look at an Augason Farms product, it can be hard to know what’s really in there. It's like a wild jungle of unknown ingredients - and when we don't know the truth about something, that often means uncertainty and fear. But just as Bear Grylls knows how to survive in any environment, so too can we find our way through this wilderness and come out on top with clear answers.

The question is: are Augason Farms products GMO-free? Well, let me tell you – if I were standing in a field of corn surrounded by genetically modified crops, would I stand there and take my chances or seek shelter elsewhere? The same goes for your food choices; make sure you know where your food has been before eating it!

But fortunately for us all, Augason Farms have taken steps to ensure their products meet the highest standards for quality control and safety so that customers can trust the contents of their purchases. All products from Augason Farms are tested regularly to guarantee they remain free from GMOs (genetically modified organisms). To put it simply – these foods will always satisfy both your taste buds and conscience!

We are never alone in our search for better nutrition options; companies like Augason Farms offer solutions without compromise. So go ahead and enjoy some delicious organic snacks knowing that each bite contains exactly what you expect - nothing more, nothing less. When it comes to making smart decisions about our health and wellbeing, occasionally a little help is needed – but only if we dare to ask for it.


I’ve been exploring Augason Farms products and they have certainly left me impressed. From their incredible shelf life to their commitment to providing non-GMO, gluten free, and Kosher certified foods – these are the perfect go-to for your emergency food supply. It's like having a trusty sidekick that you can depend on in any situation!

The quality of ingredients is something I've always appreciated about Augason Farms and it shows in the taste of their products. With this brand, you know you're getting nothing but the best when it comes to both nutrition and flavor. Plus, with such an amazing selection of entrees, sides, breakfast meals, snacks, and drinks – there really isn't anything else out there quite like it.

At the end of the day, Augason Farms has proven itself as a reliable source for high quality emergency food supplies at unbeatable prices. If you’re looking for top-notch nutrition without breaking the bank – then look no further than Augason Farms!