Anchorage Woman Kicked by Moose in Shocking Moment Captured on Video

On Feb. 16, an Anchorage woman experienced a shocking moment that was captured on video. Tracy Hansen and her dog, Gunner, were walking their usual route when a moose suddenly kicked her in the head and knocked her to the ground.

Kate Timmons and her family were passing by in a car when the incident unfolded.[0] Hansen is seen walking ahead in the video and a moose is loping down the sidewalk, seemingly increasing in speed as it moves closer.[0]

Timmons shouted warnings as the moose raced towards Hansen, before slamming a hoof into her head.[0] The moose then slowed down and continued walking down the sidewalk.[0]

Hansen told NBC affiliate KTUU, which is based in Anchorage, that she had put her hands up to her head and felt that she was bleeding.[1] It was only when she looked up that she realized she had been kicked by the moose that she and her dog had walked past earlier.

Timmons said her husband was able to pull Hansen over a snow bank and get her out of the way.[1] She said it definitely seemed unprovoked and happened so fast that her main concern was that Hansen didn’t have a head trauma or a bleed.

Hansen said their paths crossed at the right moment and that they would continue their nightly walks, as the moose won’t stop them.[1] She is now recovering from her injuries.

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