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4 Bottle Liquor Dispenser

4 Bottle Liquor Dispenser

Get the Leading 4 Bottle Liquor Dispenser

Selling wine and liquor by the glass is one of the best ways to boost sales. However, one of the great challenges of wine by glass retailers is to maintain the product's characteristics and to be able to make the most of each bottle.

To get the most out of your wine by the glass business, the wisest thing to do is to get a top wine alcohol liquor dispenser. Among the different options on the market, your best alternative is Quattro, our prime 4-bottle revolving liquor dispenser & wine preserver. You should know its features, so you can see why our 4 Bottle Liquor Dispenser is the ideal option to increase your profits.

Why Choose Quattro?

  1. The Top Level Entry Option

Quattro is the best price/value option on the market for any wine by the glass business. Its features include an extraordinary stainless steel design that is highly durable and adds distinction to your serving room. Also, it is easy to operate, with cushioning systems that adapt to any size bottle. The LED lighting system allows the product to stand out and increases purchase intent, whether you use it as a wall-mounted liquor dispenser or on islands (PRO version). The state-of-the-art front ventilation system prevents the front glass from fogging, helping to maximize the visibility of your wines.

  1. Ideal Wine Temperature & Portions

With Quattro, you can choose the perfect temperature for your white, red, and rosé wines between 42-70°F. Besides, our Quattro PRO liquor shot dispenser comes with two separate chambers, allowing you to choose different temperature conditions on each side. You can choose from three serving options: taste, half-glass, and full glass. Quattro dispenses exact portions that prevent over pouring and help you keep control of your inventory, protecting your sales.

  1. Easy to Operate & Maintain

Quatro is an intuitive operating system with individual push-button panels that will allow you to dispense wine quickly and efficiently, increasing customer satisfaction levels and customer experience. The system is self-cleaning, which will avoid major maintenance investments, helping to improve your return on investment.

  1. More Business Benefits

One of the features of our Quattro top liquor dispenser tap system is that it helps to significantly minimize your business losses. This includes preserving your wines for up to 30+ days without losing their characteristics. The system also avoids cross-contamination of the wines, preventing you from losing product. State-of-the-art automation allows for minimal bottle service intervention, avoiding over-pouring, spills, and wine theft, completely minimizing costs and waste.

  1. Increase Your Profits

Quattro is a system that helps you create different experiences for your customers whether they order glasses or use self-service. The taste mode allows people to try new varietals and alternatives, increasing your offerings and helping you promote and market more wine options. With Quattro, you can increase your wine bottle sales by up to 40% on average through your marketing strategies.

Shop the Prime 4 Bottle Liquor Dispenser

If you want to boost your wine by the glass business, Quattro by Winemonion™ is your best choice. We are the leading producer and distributor of wine dispensers and wine preservers in the USA, with the best benefits, features, and ROI for our customers. Learn more about our industry-leading commercial wine equipment or receive a free quote.

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4 Bottle Liquor Dispenser

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